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Steam Summer Sale: Oddworld, Monkey Island and Operation Flashpoint

Matt Gardner
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Steam Summer Sale: Oddworld, Monkey Island and Operation Flashpoint

This Summer Sale of Steam's is, quite frankly, wildly irresponsible. Some of the deals here have been so damn good that I simply haven't been able to stop myself from buying them out of sheer idealist consumerism. If a price is good half the time I feel like I should buy the thing as a means of endorsement, which is a wonderful thing for the thrifty gamer...unless you end up buying more because of it and then can't afford to get your own grandmother a birthday present.

Today's deals are actually all quite good and, as per usual, we've picked out a few highlights to bring to your attention but I strongly recommend you hit the link below and check out the full list for yourselves too.

NB. Do remember that these wallet-friendly offers come with a ticking clock, so get your orders in before 6pm this evening.

Oddworld Pack £2

Remember Abe? Two quid will give you the chance to take a trip down memory lane and get all nostalgic with some retro 2D platforming courtesy of GT Interactive's 1997 award-winning classic and its sequel. A 2D game rendered almost entirely with 3D backgrounds Abe's Oddyssey was a huge success, inadvertently giving the PSOne the most unlikely of early mascots. Yes, the checkpoint system is sparse and irritating and the game has a pretty steep learning curve but it's still a really fun little game and it's sequel (largely thanks to the quick save option) is even better. It's less than the price of a pint. What more do you want?!

Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack £8.50

First of all, ignore all of the grumbling critics who wrote off this revisiting of the Monkey Island series as being not quite as good as the series they remember. Whether you've gone adventuring with Guybrush Threepwood before or not, this pack offers you five games that will delight you, charm you and make you laugh. It's accessible to newcomers and still offers some wonderful fan service to those of us who grew up on a diet of LucasArts adventure games. At a third of the price, it's hard to go wrong with this one.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £3.30

With the cheapest price for Dragon Rising sitting at just under £8 over at Zavvi, this one's also something of a no-brainer if you're an FPS fan yet to give this one a spin. Irritated by linearity? Well, this might just be the answer, excelling at expansive campaign maps and open objectives that you can tick off however you choose. Unfortunately, the game is hamstrung by bugs, a lack of imagination and dull landscapes, but if you're bored of being funnelled down corridors and want an FPS that's going to let you off of the leash, this might just be your best bet. If it doesn't work you've spent less money than you would on a kebab.

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