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Steam gets user tagging, let the trolling begin

Jonathan Lester
PC, PC games, Steam

Steam gets user tagging, let the trolling begin

Discovery is getting increasingly more difficult on Steam as the sheer number of unregulated games piles ever higher. So, in an effort to make finding games more convenient, users can create their own tags that will find their way onto the store listings if enough people agree.

As you'd expect, the trolling has already begun.

In theory, it's a lovely idea. Steam customers can tag games using themes, mechanics, genres or even memes, thus allowing for a new way to discover games that suit your own personal tastes. The scheme will naturally evolve as it goes through the beta process.

In practice, Dark Souls has already been classified as 'Casual,' numerous experimental games are in danger of being  branded as 'not a game' or 'hipster bullshit,' and it's just the tip of a tagging iceberg. It's actually rather amusing, but good-natured humorous ribbing aside, it will be interesting to see whether this new system genuinely improves discoverability or ends up drowning games in misleading labels.

Personally we'd like Steam to start cracking down on quality control to ensure that the best software can thrive without being drowned under mediocre crap, but hey, baby steps.

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Rubisco  Feb. 13, 2014 at 17:22

Troll reviews get downvoted into obscurity on Steam, perhaps similar is needed for tags?

uknownotwhatunotknow  Mar. 3, 2014 at 18:00

Are you kidding?

Troll reviews get upvotes. Real reviews get a zillion downvotes.

Steam is full of idiotic morons, just like the rest of the internet. This is what happens when most users are white males in their 20's -- their brains aren't fully formed yet, so they act like red-assed babboons.

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