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Steam Weekend Deal: 50% Off Shattered Horizon & Play For Free This Weekend[PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Steam Weekend Deal: 50% Off Shattered Horizon & Play For Free This Weekend[PC Games]

Personally, I think that steam's freeplay weekend for multiplayer titles such as Shattered Horizon is one of the best ideas they've ever had. Frankly, I wish Microsoft would do the same with Xbox LIVE and have Gold Membership taster weekends where people who haven't subscribed can see what they're missing. In any case, this weekend is a bit of a treat, with Shattered Horizon being one of the most bizarre FPS experiences I've ever had. You thought jetpacks in Halo: Reach were cool? Well this game takes place in zero-g and liberally urinates all over mere jetpacks. If Rocket Riot, Halo, Modern Warfare 2 (just for the ridiculousness) and Worms ever got drunk and all woke up in the same bed, this would be the result.

Considering that you'll be hard pressed to find a boxed version anywhere, Steam is pretty much the only place to go. Lucky then that all of this weekend you'll be able to play the game for free and, if you find that you like it, you can buy it at half price for £7.49 if you get in there before Monday morning. Hit the first link to get started right away, the bottom one will take you to the product page. Don't have Steam? Not to fear, you can download it here.

What with us humans being pretty stupid as a whole, a wayward explosion on the Moon has gone and scattered millions of pieces of hazardous rocky debris into the space near Earth which is not so great. Thankfully, some genius saw the opportunity for some crazy Battle Royale shenanigans and so you and 31 of your mates can zip around the asteroid field hunting one another for entertainment, boosting around the place in glorious zero-gravity and landing on fragments of Moon rock, curious asteroids and space station remnants.

It's a brave new take on the standard FPS formula, expanding the dimensions of gameplay for a thoroughly unique experience and one that developers Futuremark should be praised for undertaking. Unfortunately, it's let down somewhat by its content, the action can quickly become pretty stale as there's not a huge amount of diversity or support. The meagre amount of weapons and options weighing heavily against it. We've been spoilt lately with RPG elements, weapon loadouts and upgrades in multiplayer shooters that to have none of that here is somewhat jarring. Hopefully it's something Futuremark can look at remedying in the future.

That said, Shattered Horizon still stands out as an exceptionally interesting game and one that I'd encourage FPS fans to try out this weekend. It's very good in short bursts and the innovative gameplay can prove hugely engrossing and fantastically thrilling when you get used to it. At it's best, it's an original slant on the tried and tested first person shooter that offers some brilliant new ideas and some fast and furious gunplay.

A shout out for Cuddy over at HUKD for posting this up last night.

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