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Steam Weekend Deal - 66% off "Half Life" series (inc Half Life 2) &10% off Valve Complete Pack [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Half Life, PC games, Steam

Steam Weekend Deal - 66% off "Half Life" series (inc Half Life 2) &10% off Valve Complete Pack [PC Games]This weekend's Steam deal sees prices slashed by 66% on everything Half – Life, and 10% off Steam's Complete Valve Pack, which consists of some 20 different PC game titles - remember this offer expires on Monday the 17th of August.

So if you do not own a copy of Half Life 2, this is a good opportunity to add this classic first person shooter to your collection. You can buy a complete Half Life pack from Steam priced £9.17, which includes everything in the franchise, from the first and second editions, to Half Life 2 Deathmatch, and all expansions.

Of course still no word on Half Life 2's episode 3 although Valve CEO Gabe Newell assured frustrated Half Life fans that episode 3 was very much in the pipeline. He was reluctant to give out any concrete information aside from the fact it would not be released on PS3. Given that Half Life 2 took around six years to develop, lets hope episode 3 is worth the wait. However, anyone who already owns Half Life or Half Life 2 however can still buy the expansions independently from Steam - all at one third of their original price.

Alternatively, anyone looking to make a more substantial acquisition of new games might be interested to know that the Valve Complete Pack is down 10% from £52.99 to £47.69. The pack consists of pretty much everything you could possibly want from Valve including Left for Dead, the Half Life franchise and the Counter Strike series. However , although pretty good for someone who has just bought a PC, most people who've been gaming some time will probably find they own some, if not all of these titles already.

Thanks to Tickedon from hotukdeals

Steam Weekend Deal - 66% off "Half Life" series (inc Half Life 2) &10% off Valve Complete Pack [PC Games]

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John  Aug. 16, 2009 at 12:55

This is obviously a pretty good deal although for those starting off with Half-Life I'd take a look at the Orange box instead which is available at 12.99 from Gamplay.co.uk. It's a couple more pounds than the Steam deal and you don't get any of the HL1 games but you still get HL2, Episode One and Episode Two with the advantage being you get the superb Portal (which is a must have) and TF2 which is a brilliant multiplayer game.

If interested in HL2 it's also worth asking friends if they have a spare copy - many people bought HL2, then Episode one then the Orange box which meant they were given an extra copy of HL2 and Episode One that can be legally given to another Steam user for free.

Emma Kelly  Aug. 16, 2009 at 16:04

Good tip John - that's exactly what I did when I bought the Orange box.


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