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Steam Weekend Deal: 75% Off Torchlight £3.75 [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Steam Weekend Deal: 75% Off Torchlight £3.75 [PC Games]

Sometimes Steam comes through. It's quite rare, as the bigwig digital distributor is often so laughably expensive that its 'deals' still manage to fall under the umbrella of daylight robbery, but nonetheless there are times when an independent's gem of game suddenly falls sharply in price for a day or two and an excited little buzz goes around the Dealspwn office.

Torchlight, last year's critically acclaimed, dungeon-crawling Diablo-wannabe is one such game, and Steam are now offering the RPG for just £3.75, which is about £9 cheaper than you can get it anywhere else at the moment. Admittedly, this is part of the weekend deal so it'll bounce straight back up come Monday morning but remember, being a digital distributor, you won't have to worry about them running out of stock any time soon.

Torchlight doesn't break the mould when it comes to the dungeon-crawler genre - you attack, win, rinse and repeat, all the while picking up increasingly statistically-inspiring loot to bring the pain a little harder on your enemies, but for those of you hungering for a little snifter of some hack'n'slash RPG action while you wait for Diablo 3, this provides a wonderfully executed diversion.

The graphics, whilst perhaps not stunning, certainly result in some good presentation that won't kill your average machine, the class system is fairly traditional as you start in one of three classes - Destroyer, Vanquisher or Alchemist (read Warrior, Thief and Mage) - and with the addition of the 'infinite dungeon' there's almost endless replayability. There's some excellent modding support thrown in there too for those of you who enjoy crafting and tinkering for yourselves, and it's certainly a surefire genre-pleaser.

Whether or not it will appeal to anyone not a huge fan of dungeon-crawling is a touchy area. You see, what plot there is might be considered laughable and Torchlight really doesn't do anything too new, but it does prove frighteningly addictive. This is streamlined RPGing, and perhaps it doesn't really have any right to be this good - I, after all, am a bit of a plot junkie - but that urge to just get one more level, or test out a new piece of hard-earned loot is stronger than ever with this little game.Steam Weekend Deal: 75% Off Torchlight £3.75 [PC Games]

Definitely worth a look for...well....pretty much anyone this weekend. Especially if it keeps on raining.

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