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Steam Weekend Deal: Arma II £12.49 @ STEAM [PC games]

Marius Goubert
Armed Assault, First person shooter, PC games

Steam Weekend Deal: Arma II £12.49 @ STEAM [PC games]

Having evolved from the legendary Operation Flashpoint series, Armed Assault 2 is a tactical first person shooter which prides itself on high levels of realism. Despite a few flaws regarding a buggy single player campaign, AA2 provides a vast, brilliantly detailed open world environment in which every vehicle is interactive and battles which are both unpredictable and chaotic. The end result is a game which takes on the feel of both a realistic first person shooter and an RTS.

So if you're looking for something a bit more than your usual run of the mill FPS title, Armed Assault 2 is currently going for half price as part of this weekend's Steam deal. It will set you back £12.49 which is the cheapest deal available although the next best price comes in only a few pounds more at £15.

Those who are familiar with the original Armed Assault will know that, despite many strengths, the game was let down by a few gameplay elements which really had a very negative effect upon the overall experience. Whilst the graphics were absolutely superb with breathtaking detail, particularly when it came to vehicles – with intricately detailed chopper cockpits and great explosions etc – the game's difficulty was just ridiculous. Enemies hardly ever missed, even from obscured ranges, whilst on the other hand, with supposedly 'realistic' firearms, you'd be lucky to hit a barn door at ten feet. The game was also full of bugs, even though to their credit, AA developers managed to rectify many of these with a decent patch.

AA2 manages to balance out the difficulty somewhat, and now, the enemy AI is a bit more realistic in the sense that every grunt you face doesn't have the marksmanship skills of Vassili Zaitzev. However there are still issues regarding in game triggers which can be incredibly infuriating. Having gone through hell to overcome some semi-suicidal mission objective, there's nothing more annoying than a waiting by a broken trigger which won't recognize your success and forces you to restart. So despite so many great points with Armed Assault 2 – even better graphics, highly imaginative missions – the game is still very buggy, and you'll probably want to get downloading as many patches as possible after you've installed.Steam Weekend Deal: Arma II £12.49 @ STEAM [PC games]

Thanks to Cuddy from Hotukdeals.

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