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Steam Weekend Deal: Borderlands £14.99 or 4 Pack for £44.98 [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Borderlands | PC

Steam Weekend Deal: Borderlands £14.99 or 4 Pack for £44.98 [PC Games]

The DLC for Borderlands has been coming thick and fast of late and there's never really been a better time to jump into the fray and getting in on some wonderful acronym action with this FPSRPG (or first person shooter role playing game to the uninitiated).

Steam currently has the game listed at £14.99 for download as part of its Easter Weekend deal, which seems unimpressive, but a little scouting reveals that ShopTo is only marginally cheaper at £14.85 and unfortunately they're all out of stock at the time of writing with the next competitor over at PowerplayDirect for £15.49. The real saving, though, comes if you can find three interested friends and buy four copies together at £44.98, which'll save you around £15 altogether and just under £4 each.

Lured to the treasure-laden planet of Pandora, this is a game that sees you plonked down on a bounty hunter's paradise and it's up to you and your buddies to set about milking the planet for all it's worth, in particular one alien haven of shiny reward called The Vault. Of course there are rival avaricious factions to take care of, with a massive range of humans and monsters alike put in your path to make said quest as difficult as possible while you have the chance to blow them away with an equally near-infinite bunch of weapons.Steam Weekend Deal: Borderlands £14.99 or 4 Pack for £44.98 [PC Games]

There's a brilliant XP system to help bolster whichever of the four classes you end up choosing for yourself and addictive trigger-happy gameplay that encourages friendly teamwork and tactical thought as the enemies get bigger, badder and more plentiful. No, there's not a huge amount of plot or character to go around in Borderlands, and you shouldn't go into this game expecting a narrative-driven RPG, but what you will find here is some tasty multiplayer action, marinaded in striking cel-shading and served with a garnish of over 17 million potential weapons.

Thanks to Cuddy over at  HUKD

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