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Steam Weekend Deal : Brothers in Arms Pack @ £12.99 [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
Brothers in Arms, First person shooter, PC games

Steam Weekend Deal : Brothers in Arms Pack @ £12.99 [PC Game]

For this weekend’s steam deal customers can purchase all three additions to the Brothers In Arms series. The deal consists of Earned in Blood, Hell’s Highway and Road to Hill 30 all of which can be downloaded for the bargain price of just £12.99.  However for anyone who already owns some of these games, bear in mind that steam are also offering them individually. So this might be a very good opportunity to complete your Brothers in Arms Series. Given that Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood will already set you back over £12, this deal offers the opportunity to make a nice saving. (But get in their quick as the deal expires on Monday!)

The Brothers In Arms series follow an American squad of paratroopers who, landing behind enemy lines in Normandy just before D-day, must fight their way through France in a bid to liberate Western Europe. Fans of the film Saving Private Ryan will immediately see many similarities between the look and faced past intensity of the game which, essentially, designers have attempted to lift from the Spielberg classic.

It is a game where tactics are highly important, and the player must use the fire teams under their command to suppress and then out flank opponents. Running in like Rambo can be fun, but without proper support from their squad, players will simply find themselves mown down in a cloud of red mist. In order to succeed, players must learn to employ the strengths of their particular fire teams.

Assault squads, with their grenades and sub machine guns are perfect for out flanking and then taking down enemies at close quarters. Rifle squads on the other hand must be used to suppress enemies from a distance . So the game attempts to offer players a realistic feel of WWII small arms battles and the synchronized methods of attack employed by officers at the time. Fans of history and of good sFPSers will find a perfect blend in this classic series, which, apart from Hidden and Dangerous, is probably the best WWII FPS game on market.

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