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Steam Weekend Deal: Dawn of War II Gold Edition £19.99 [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Steam Weekend Deal: Dawn of War II Gold Edition £19.99 [PC Games]

The RTS genre has been dying a slow death of late, with a distinct lack of innovation and declining PC game sales causing Dawn of War II, however, dared to try something a little different- introducing RPG elements and streamlined small-scale squad tactics into the tried and tested formula. The result was one of the finest strategy titles in recent years that even C&C4 attempted (unsuccessfully) to emulate. Steam are currently charging £19.99 for the Gold Edition of Dawn of War II that includes both the full game and Chaos Rising expansion, which is £5 cheaper than most other retailers.

In case you'd prefer a hard copy, Tesco Entertainment are retailing at £20.99 (using their wonderful  FTSL 15-1 voucher code)... and after this weekend they'll be the cheapest option once again.

Dawn of War II allows you to lead squads of Blood Raven Space Marines as you bring the Emperor's wrath to the filthy Xenos. Facing off against Eldar, Orks and Tyranids, you'll eschew traditional base building and resource management mechanics in favour of brutal combat and RPG-style character management.

The Chaos Rising expansion increases the number of factions and units available to you, unlocking the powerful forces of Chaos in multiplayer and delivering an entirely new (and genuinely impressive) singleplayer campaign that takes place on the Warp-wracked Aurelia. You can import your characters into the new campaign- which is essential as you'll have doubtlessly formed a close emotional bond with your stalwart squads of Blood Ravens. Will you remain loyal to the Emperor or succumb to the irresistable lure of Chaos?

This is a great price for a fantastic fast-paced strategy experience that'll enthrall Warhammer fans and rank newcomers alike.

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John McLaggan  May. 28, 2010 at 18:38

It's the Blood *Ravens*, not the Blood *Angels* - the two are completely unrelated

Jonathan Lester  May. 28, 2010 at 18:49

Good shout, John- that's my bad. I used to collect Blood Angels during my brief tabletop phase- guess I must've had a bit of a flashback.

John McLaggan  May. 28, 2010 at 19:46

You need to update the caption for the picture as well


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