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Steam Weekend Deal: Free Altitude Multiplayer [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Altitude is pretty insane. It sees you jump into the cockpit of a little 2D cartoon plane and fly around a side-scrolling map dogfighting with a bunch of other mates. Imagine if Worms threw off its turn-based system and went airborne and you kind of get the picture.

All this weekend, Steam are offering the chance to get in on a slice of multiplayer action for absolutely free and, if you find that you really like it, they've gone and lowered the price by 50% from £6.99 down to £3.49. If you already have Steam and stopped reading after the word 'free' to scour for a link, then click here to start downloading and installing the free trial now or hit the link below to head on over to Steam for more info.

Equally good for 15 minute bursts as for 3 hour stints, Altitude is a game that does the basics very well. Inevitably, much like sowing breadcrumbs for birds, if you set up an online multiplayer arena, gamers will come. It's a nice little take on the dogfighting shooter that requires no small amount of skill either.

Boasting seven modes - from the self-explanatory Team Base Destruction to the classic Free-For-All and the hilariously frenetic airborne Plane Ball, which seems like Aussie Rules in biplanes - this is a game that will see you die a lot in the opening hour or two. You see, being a plane, there's no stopping. You have to zoom around constantly, watching out not only for those other planes gunning around for you, but also fat pieces of scenery. Getting the hang of flying the thing with a control system that can be a little frustrating might well put some gamers off.

But hopefully that won't be the case. You see, for my money, Altitude is well worth £3.49.  It's a simple game, to be sure, but one that knows where it's strengths lie. It doesn't overextend itself and for that reason remains very easy to engage with quickly. On some of the larger maps with over 20 planes zooming around the skies it'll turn into a maelstrom of bullets and mess, but this is still a surprisingly tactical little game and one that I can heartily recommend.

Thanks to Cuddy at HUKD

Vid courtesy of Nimbly Games
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