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Steam Weekend deal: The Hitman Collection 50% £6.99 @ Steam [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Action Games, Hitman, PC games

Steam Weekend deal: The Hitman Collection 50% £6.99 @ Steam [PC Games]There can’t be a single gamer out there who has not had some experience of the dark, violent world of ‘Agent 47’. Indeed, stealthy action titles don’t get much better than the critically acclaimed Hitman series, and now, for just £6.99, you can get your hands on no less than three titles from the franchise. Bear in mind however that this offer is part of the Steam Weekend deal and expires today, so get in there quick!

This deal gives you chance to make a 50% saving on what these games would normally cost you from Steam, but alternatively you can download them separately priced £2.99 each. The titles which Steam currently have on offer are as follows:

Hitman 2:    Silent Assassin

Hitman:       Blood Money

Hitman:       Codename 47

For any gamers who have never come across Hitman before, the story behind the series centres upon the character of ‘Agent 47’. Very little is known about who he is or where he’s come from but, according to the manual for Codename 47, he is the product of some twisted genetic experiment – hence the barcode on the back of his head and his clone like appearance.

Basically, having been engineered into the perfect contract killer, Agent 47 is given missions by an ambiguous ‘company’ who instruct him to eliminate various high profile criminal targets. However the story, which is so vague in the beginning, does begin to make more sense as you progress through the various editions of the series.

The gameplay, particularly for the first two editions, is all about infiltration by stealth. You will need to employ Hitman’s arsenal of subtle weapons like the garrotte and chloroform to take out guards, steal their clothes and gain access to heavily guarded compounds. The early games are not without their problems however. The controls, given that the Hitman viewpoint is in the third person can lead to some awkward moments. Most notoriously however, is the sheer difficulty of the missions which can be extremely frustrating.

Although Hitman does have an impressive array of heavy weapons – all modelled on real world firearms – the play is penalized, particularly in the early editions, for blowing their cover and simply shooting their way through the level. Doing the missions properly, which means exploring the missions to find certain key items to kill the target subtly (like poisoning his drink etc), is very difficult. Indeed, I personally found it essential to keep consulting a walkthrough.

However, apparently – although I have not played Hitman 2Silent Assassin makes all the necessary corrections. Turning missions into a complete bullet fest is actually encouraged on some levels and, thankfully, you can actually save your progress throughout missions. Hitman 2 gained the best reviews and is, by all accounts, the best title from these three Hitman editions, but nevertheless although they’re a bit dated, Blood Money and Codename 47 are certainly still worth a look.

Thanks to Cuddy from Hotukdeals .

Steam Weekend deal: The Hitman Collection 50% £6.99 @ Steam [PC Games]

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