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Steam Weekend Deal: Relic Superpack: 2 x Company of Heroes games and 2 x Warhammer 40,000 games @ Steam [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Company of Heroes, Dawn Of War, Real time strategy, Steam

Steam Weekend Deal: Relic Superpack: 2 x Company of Heroes games and 2 x Warhammer 40,000 games @ Steam [PC Games] In an offer guaranteed not to blow too big a hole in your military thrills budget, this weekend’s steam deal sees four great RTS games going for just £13.49. Although the games are somewhat old, they are still some the best real time strategy titles on market. They consist of Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Warhammer 40,000 Gold Edition. However if you already own a few of these games you can download them individually at £6.99 each.

Overall this offer gives you 50% off the averge price and is a good opportunity to save some money if RTS games are your sort of thing. Although its sequel Dawn of War II has been out for some time, the original Dawn of War is still worth a look. The game combines shooter action with real time strategy as the player leads a team of hardened space marines on a mission to wipe out all opposition. It does look fairly dated now, but still gained top reviews from the likes of Gamespot and IGN, attaining an average 90% rating.

Company of Heroes is another top RTS title which, although it may seem like just another addition to the oversaturated World War 2 game market, is a highly innovative strategy game. It follows American battle group Able Company as they fight through Europe in an attempt to prise the continent from the grip of its Nazi occupiers. The game uses a unique squad based method of AI which cuts down the need for continuous micro management while providing fully interactive, fully destructible environments to wage battles on.

All in all, this deal gives you a good chance to get hold of some top RTS games which are essential to any strategy game enthusiast's collection. But do remember that this deal is only valid over the weekend and expires on the 3rd of August.

Thanks to Cuddy on HUKD.

Steam Weekend Deal: Relic Superpack: 2 x Company of Heroes games and 2 x Warhammer 40,000 games @ Steam [PC Games] UPDATE: Too late – you were too slow and missed this hot deal! Why not subscribe to our email updates or RSS feeds to make sure that doesn’t happen again?

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John  Aug. 1, 2009 at 00:32

Why bother typing up these articles and instead leave it to the HUKD thread, the spelling and grammar errors make it feel sloppy never mind the inaccurate content. I suspect whoever wrote this 'article' is confusing Dawn of War and Dawn of War II because they're two very different games - there is no 'shooter action' in either game, they're both pure RTS. While in Dawn of War II you lead a team of hardened Space Marines to wipe out the opposition, Dawn of War is quite different - firstly what you're actually getting in this deal is Dawn of War, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade which is a lot more content than just Space Marines.

The original game introduced four of the main sides, Space Marines, Chaos (twisted versions of Space Marines along with Demons), Orks and Eldar (high tech elves). Winter Assault added the Imperial Guard who are the everyday soldier who support the Space Marines (although not in DoW expansion packs), Dark Crusade then added the Tau (new race just starting their conquest) and the Necron (ancient mechanical race). The final expansion pack 'Soulstorm' isn't included here but that's no loss, it added the Sisters of Battle (another Imperium side, sort of like weaker Space Marines with powerful faith special moves) and the Dark Eldar. Neither side were that great as they were essentially variations of existing sides which meant nothing was really added, the new aircraft felt poorly integrated and the game was buggy on release.

Many actually prefer the original DoW to the second one, whlie the latter fits with the Warhammer universe far better the first game is a more conventional RTS. This means you have the usual base building although turtling isn't really possible, those who go out and grab req points can smash through anyone trying to hole up in their base. The graphics are dated but the detailed animation and audio still shine through and the complex interaction between the seven sides when playing Dark Crusade is surprisingly well balanced.

John  Aug. 1, 2009 at 11:27

You shouldn't be writing articles like this if you don't actually know anything about the game, that's very poor that you're just copying the information off the back of the box. Dawn of War isn't a shooter nor is it revolutionary either - at it's time it was a very convention RTS filled in with the Warhammer universe. While it didn't really do anything new it was praised for being well polished and well balanced, even now few games can matcch the seven armies Dark Crusade has.

John  Aug. 1, 2009 at 14:19

I'm not that passionate about Dawn of War, that's kind of the point - as a gamer I know the basics of one of the biggest RTS games on the PC as I'd expect most PC gamers do especially those writing such articles on the game.

If you're writing a gaming blog, I would have expected you to play the major releases but even for minor games you may not have played I still think it's plain lazy to just copy the information from the marketting material. Even reading a single review (rather than just quoting the scores) would give you more of an insight into the game.

I just don't see the point of this site, it just copies the deals from Hotukdeals and then copies the information from the back of the box - there's no genuine insight, no additional knowledge nothing. This article isn't isolated, any of the other articles I've read contain the same rubbish, the site clearly isn't written by gamers nor is it written for gamers either as the original 'announcement' claimed which is frankly quite insulting to those who genuinely have an interest in games.

John  Aug. 2, 2009 at 11:29

Strangely I can't seem to see comments properly on here so in case anyone is having the same problem I'll paste this in from the e-mail notification:

"@ John - I think a lot of what you're saying is assumption. One, we are all gamers on Dealspwn, or we wouldn't have applied for the job. Second, we don't steal the deals; we're a blog split off from HUD who catalog the best deals posted on the site, based on price saving. We give coverage to the good deals, and acknowledge the user who found said deal.

Marius is right when he says we're just giving a brief outline of the game. In most cases, we have played the game, and can offer a proper analysis of it. When we can't, we rely on the supremely biased archive of information the internet offers. Calling Dawn of War a 'shooter' may be erroneous to a certain extent, but there's most definately shooting involved.

Either way, we're not trying to anger anyone by writing up these deals. We're actually trying to help them"

Nothing is based on assumption - so far the articles have been consistent, they 'copy' the deal from Hotukdeals (since you don't like the term steal), copy some information from review scores then copy the information from the back of the box or some other marketting blurb source. As for being gamers and having played the games, I doubt it because the writers here don't even seem to know thhe basics of even flagship titles for any of the platforms. Putting aside Dawn of War, a similar grade of rubbish was written for Littlebigplanet and even the references to Mario were wrong so clearly not gamers from that era either.

A PGR4 article has just gone up and sure enough, full of marketting rubbish clearly written by someone who has never played the game or read any reviews - PGR4 does not have dynamic weather conditions (sadly, they're entirely static per track) and the bikes most certainly do not have 'realistic physics'

There's the choice of deals as well which doesn't really suggest anyone on this site is a gamer - games which are utter rubbish are posted yet some of the hidden gems which have been overlooked my the mass market gaming community are missed entirely.

Dawn of War is a shooter and revolutionary RTS if you're into marketting, it's a conventional but polished RTS if you're a gamer - the defence of the 'shooter' term kind of says it all really, you'd be hard pushed to find an RTS without 'shooting'. In gaming terms a shooter and RTS is a different hybrid gametype which is relatively rare as few have been able to mix the two different gameplay types.

For any genuine gamers it wouldn't be difficult to pick out the genuinely good deals on games (a rubbish game at a low price isn't a good deal) and offer some genuine insight into the game to help those choose whether to go for it or not particularly if it's a game that was overlooked at the time. In its current format the site could be written by an aggregating bot which simply pulled the games data from HUKD and some of the marketting blurb for the games.


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