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Steam Weekend Deal: Team Fortress 2 now 50% off @ £6.99 [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Steam Weekend Deal: Team Fortress 2 now 50% off @ £6.99 [PC Games]

The WAR update for Team Fortress 2 has finally arrived and Valve have decided to mark this by halving the price of the game on their digital service Steam, and by making the game free to play all weekend for those yet to try out the game. The free-play actually started yesterday, but you can still get in a good day and a half of some of the best multiplayer action available.

The WAR update provides another three weapons for the Demoman and Soldier classes, although as a result of a killtastic competition wherein players of each class were invited to annihilate as many of the opposing class as possible, those playing as Soldiers will received an extra special bonus weapon to boot. There are more maps, more achievements and a couple of surprises that I won't spoil for you yet, so if you fancy checking out TF2 on a budget this weekend hit the link below to find out more and get your free trial this weekend. If you're impressed, you can also buy the full game at half price for just £6.99.

For the uninitiated, TF2 is basically a class-based FPS multiplayer game. And it's a lot of fun. There's a narrative backdrop that is pretty irrelevant really, but what game boils down to is two team made up of players that have chosen from nine different classes - three attack classes, three defensive, and three support - battling against each other to fulfil certain objectives depending on the game modes. Some are old classics, such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, and other are interesting variations on a theme, such as Payload, which sees one team trying to escort an on-rails bomb through a series of checkpoints with the other team attempting to blow them all to smithereens.

As with most Valve games, this has received a lot of care and attention. The cartoony graphics perfectly capture what this particular game is all about: fun. The emphasis on co-operation and teamwork is superbly implemented and it's by-and-large one of the more friendly communities of online gaming that I've come across, much more so than the punitive Halo community.

Steam Weekend Deal: Team Fortress 2 now 50% off @ £6.99 [PC Games]

The deal runs all weekend, and if you've already picked up a copy of TF2 via the Orange Box but never got around to playing it, then this is a perfect opportunity for you. If you're a newbie, then there's never been a more perfect time to get involved!

Thanks to Cuddy at HUKD

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