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Steel Storm 2 Seeks Crowd Funding Capital

Jonathan Lester
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Steel Storm 2 Seeks Crowd Funding Capital

New Footage Shows Plasma Flintlock In Action

Kot-in-Action Creative Artel are looking to crowd-fund the sequel to Steel Storm: Burning Redemption on IndieGoGo, promising to reinvigorate the vehicular combat with a new manga inspired art style, on-foot gameplay and a rich storyline. We've got some brand new footage... and the all-important pitch... after the break.

"Steel Storm 2 is a multi-faceted FPS experience," promises Kot-In-Action. "Imagine the breadth of Rage's gameplay - the vehicular exploration and enemy extermination - but add a storyline that actually rewards you; something more in line with Halo and Darksiders."

"Now let's sprinkle in some of the classic features of older shooters: carrying all weapons, no cover, lots of ammo, fast movement, and so on. The visual style inspired by Ghost in the Shell anime, with a blend of Blood+, Afrosamurai and Appleseed to a degree."

These tweaks should allow Steel Storm 2 to be a much richer and more rounded game than its solid predecessor - but Kot-In-Action will need your help to make it happen. As things stand, they have 21 days to raise their $95,000 development goal, though their decision to use IndieGoGo rather than Kickstarter may have backfired since they've currently only attracted a meagre $380 at the time of writing.

Fancy a punt? Here's the feature list:

Fast flowing FPS:

Infused with the ferocious pace of old school shooters, the meat of Steel Storm 2 is an episodic campaign across sprawling terrain accompanied by a harsh climate. Enemies come with various skills and need to be dealt with correctly and upon doing so you'll witness the satisfaction of gibs! Big bosses, quests, key hunts, vehicular combat and plenty of weapons will keep you entertained from moment to moment.

Rich storyline:

Taking on the role of Aurora, a former hovertank pilot turned natural resource scout, your calling for adventure sends you to a remote corner of the Warbird galaxy, on a remote mysterious planet. During your journey you will discover many wonderful places, cool weapons, awaken ancient alien race and face separatist Union's General Bova with his ruthless minions. The story is told with cutscenes, NPC interaction and finding relics from Aurora's past that have a profound effect on her.

Chapter-based adventure:

In order to mold the game as we hope and to ensure it appears on your monitors as soon as possible, we're releasing the game in four chapters. Think back to how Quake was separated into episodes and you'll understand how this will function within the game. Releasing content in chapters also allows us to address feedback and tailor the game accordingly.

Manga-influenced artstyle:

Being fans of so many manga and their distinctive artstyle, it's understandably making it across into Steel Storm 2. Specifically, we're looking at Ghost in the Shell, Blood+, Afrosamurai, Appleseed and many other prominent animes for the majority of our art direction. These epics of their time serve as a great reference point for the game's story too; which is charged high with emotion at times and is always action-packed.

Modding support:

Dedicating themselves to the project is a team of experienced Doom 3 modders using idTech 4 GPL game engine. We're keen to support the community and will do this by distributing the source code with the game as a part of the modding SDK, including all improvements to the game engine. This will allow much better modding capabilities than the previous Steel Storm game.

4 player online co-op:

Beat the game with up to four friends due to the online and LAN co-op capabilities. The aforementioned mod support is fully integrated with the co-op experience so when you've exhausted the campaign you can tweak gameplay to your liking, make your own levels and share new experiences with the global community.

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