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Steel Storm Creators Unveil Tomes Of Mephistopheles

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, Kot In Action Creative Artel, PC games, RPG, Tomes Of Mephistopheles

Steel Storm Creators Unveil Tomes Of Mephistopheles

Randomly Generated First-Person Dungeons

Kot In Action Creative Artel, the developers behind Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, have unveiled their latest title... and it couldn't be more different from their action-packed tank-on-tank fare. Tomes Of Mephistopheles will be a first-person action-RPG dungeon crawler that leverages randomly-generated levels, customisable spells, visceral batting and nifty smaller features like fully-modelled items within chests.

We've got more details below, and will bring you our hands-on impressions with the alpha version very soon.

With fast-paced fluid combat, a multitude of medieval and magical weapons, an in-depth custom spell system, and randomly generated persistent worlds, Kot In Action promise that Tomes Of Mephistopheles will be "a pinnacle of the genre." Seeking the sinister Tomes crafted by an ancient dark lord, players will forge a path through the dungeons using a wealth of items and weapons, while attaining skill and power along the way by exploring, questing, and crafting unique equipment.

Bombs will allow us to shatter walls and blast our own paths though the levels, which should help to further increase the amount of non-linear exploration.

Tomes Of Mephistopheles is currently in the alpha phase, and pre-orders (including immediate alpha access) are now available.

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DivideByZero  Feb. 20, 2012 at 11:30

Random gen games are a great idea, but always seem to fail. You usually end up with levels being to randomly too hard or too
easy... will be interesting to see if they get it right.


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