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From Steve Jobs' Regret To The PSP: PlayStation Phone - News Roundup 27th October

Matt Gardner
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Apple Nearly Bought Bungie...Ten Years Ago

From Steve Jobs' Regret To The PSP: PlayStation Phone - News Roundup 27th October

As wild rumours have been flying around this week suggesting that Apple are looking to buy Disney or Facebook or Sony, a spot of old, but very interesting, news has surfaced about an almost-event that could have changed the face of gaming as we know it. Speaking to Develop, Tuncer Deniz, a project lead at Bungie back in the day, suggested that round the turn of the millennium, the studio's bosses contacted Apple to see if they were interested in buying them:

Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, 'asked Steve, who said no,' Deniz told Develop. '[But] after a week, Steve said yes. Schiller calls Bungie, but Bungie had already consummated the deal with Microsoft'.

This, of course, comes mere hours after it was revealed that Steve Jobs 'went bananas', as Kotaku put it, at Microsoft's Steve Ballmer after losing the studio behind Marathon to Apple's main rival. Would the Xbox have survived without Halo? Would Apple have kicked serious arse? Would we have had to pray to Steve Jobs before every multiplayer bout of Slayer? In a parallel universe somewhere, you could be storming ONI's Sword base on an iPad!

Dynasty Warriors 7 Announced

From Steve Jobs' Regret To The PSP: PlayStation Phone - News Roundup 27th October

There was a period during the last decade where, every time a group of teens who talked too much sat down to play some video games, it would almost certainly be in front of Dynasty Warriors. For what it's worth, I have a soft spot for Koei's mash 'em up. It's bland, banal and repetitive, but it's excellent for a good few hours of kicking back with a buddy, when you don't want to think to hard. And the good news? There's another one coming out!

At a press conference held yesterday in Japan, Tecmo Keoi announced that Dynasty Warriors 7 is indeed a reality. There's a new addition to the story, although these games were never really all about the narrative, with the Kingdom of Jin being introduced, the game will be 3D compatible and there'll be more characters than ever.

Most excitingly, perhaps, is the addition of Chronicles mode, which sees the return of character creation and allows you to kick butt across ancient China and make yourself a legend rather than filling someone else's boots. No joy for Xbox owners, mind. This one's solely for the PS3 and there's been no news of a US release date as yet. [1UP]

Zynga Now Estimated To Be Worth More Than EA

From Steve Jobs' Regret To The PSP: PlayStation Phone - News Roundup 27th October

Analyst SharesPost recently valued Zynga at $5.51 billion, double what the social gaming company was worth a mere six months ago back in March this year.

Although these figures are only estimates, if accurate it puts Zynga ahead of the NASDAQ value of EA, which is $5,16 billion, according to Businessweek.

EA's share prices have been a little up and down over the last few months, climbing steadily in anticipation of Medal of Honor, before falling a little and rising again following the acquisition of Chillingo. With Playfish already within their arsenal, EA might not be too worried, though.

Activision Blizzard certainly won't be, what with being currently valued at $13.9 billion. [GamesIndustry.biz]

Introducing...The PlayStation Phone

From Steve Jobs' Regret To The PSP: PlayStation Phone - News Roundup 27th October

Engadget has apparently seen the PlayStation Phone. Allegedly, it's real, looks a little bit like the PSPGo (although reports suggest it's far more powerful), and will likely boast Android 3.0.

In terms of specs, the model Engadget displayed was said to be loaded with a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor (200MHz faster than the similar chip found in the G2), 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and the screen is in the range of 3.7 to 4.1 inches. There'll supposedly be a custom Sony Marketplace for game downloads, a multitouch trackpad and support for microSD cards.

No news on PSN compatibility, but with Microsoft heavily selling LIVE along with the Windows Phone 7 experience, we certainly wouldn't rule it out. We're pretty psyched about this if it's true (I might not need to buy an iPhone after all! Yippeeeee!!! - Ed), but are you? Let us know below in the comments box.

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