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Stormrise | £2.65 | eBuyer | PS3

Felix Kemp
Games deals, PS3 games, Real time strategy, Stormrise
Playstation 3

Stormrise | £2.65 | eBuyer | PS3

This generation, we saw a renewed effort from traditionally PC-centric developers like Creative Assemble and - may they never be forgotten - Ensemble Studios in bringing true RTS experiences to consoles. It's a difficult and unenviable task, translating the dozens of button prompts and mouse-clicks possible on a personal computer set-up to the ten or so options available on your standard controller. One such attempt was Stormrise, and while it was kind of ugly, not very balanced or elegant, it was daring and ambitious. And it's only £2.65 now, so even if it isn't amazing it's at least worth a few quid!

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