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Stormrise £6.99 @ ChoicesUk [PS3 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Stormrise £6.99 @ ChoicesUk [PS3 Game]

Rise to the occasion and grab Stormrise, Creative Assembly’s brand-new RTS developed specifically for home consoles, for only £6.99 from ChoicesUk, with free delivery included!

Plopped into a price-comparison, ChoicesUk’s deal for Stormrise emerged four-pounds cheaper than the nearest offer! Stormrise, like many other recent console RTS games, tried, but ultimately failed, to bring an interface built and honed on a keyboard to a controller. It earned 51/100 on MetaCritic, and its low critical reception and sales led to the departure of Creative Assembly’s director.

Set in a generic post-apocalyptic Earth, you must choose between two factions who emerged from the rubble. The Echelon are an advanced race, with access to superior technology, whereas the Sai, who lacked the Echelon's advances, have adapted via evolution, and as a result are more tribal. For some reason, despite Earth almost being destroyed, the Echelon and the Sai decided more destruction was neccesary, and so the fate of the planet rests in your hands, so to speak.

The developers, Creative Assembly, introduced the notion of ‘verticality’ into Stormrise, so you can decide to place your units in the sky, on rooftops, on the ground, or even below in the subterranean depths. And in unconventional form for an RTS, you can choose to be either the omnipotent, sky-bound commander, or a general on the battlefield, issuing orders in an almost third-person perspective to offer a more intimate view on proceedings.

To alternate between your forces, Stormrise also utilises another new gameplay mechanic, referred to as The Whip, where you can jump from unit to unit, as if cracking a whip. However, as the lukewarm critical reception suggests, Stormrise’s controls aren’t perfect.

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