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Stormrise £6.99 @ The Game Collection [PS3 Game]

Lydia Low
PS3 games, Real time strategy, Stormrise
Playstation 3

Stormrise £6.99 @ The Game Collection [PS3 Game]
If, like me, you find yourself strangely but irresistably compelled to try truly rubbish games then it will please you to hear that the PS3 version of the abysmal Sega title, Storm Rise is now available for just £6.99 at The Game Collection. This is £3 less than the next best price (offered by Play). Unfortunately, rubbish as the PS3 version is, all are agreed that it is not a patch on the PC version in the crap stakes.

Stormrise is a post-apocalyptic, real time strategy game. From the ashes of society emerge two warring factions: "The Sai": a tribal society that were able to adapt to the brave new world and evolve and "The Echelon": a technologically advanced race that survived the planet's fall from grace by entering themselves into a state of hibernation. You take on the role of a Frontline Commander and you have the ability to deploy and control units in the air, on the ground, on rooftops and underground.

So far, so reasonably interesting and promising the premise. Sadly, it is in the execution that Stormrise shows the ace up its sleeve of disaster. All the potential is drowned like a sack of puppys in the murky sea of the dreadful control system, making your every move feel a chore, even as the dodgy AI chokes the life out of your patience. The idea is good but the story is told in a truly miserable fashion, making you unlikely to care for your victories or losses which may be for the best, as a myriad of technical glitches and peculiarities make your every attempt a frustrating wade through a swamp of mess. The voice acting aint all that bad but sadly the lines that the actors are saying are so hackneyed that you may prefer to avoid the dialogue altogether. There's a multiplayer option but, frankly, who is going to want to play with you?Stormrise £6.99 @ The Game Collection [PS3 Game]

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