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Street Fighter IV £[email protected] Play [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Street Fighter IV £17.99@ Play [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]If you remember crying tears of frustration, of hurling your game controller across the room, of sinking your teeth into the damn thing in some futile attempt to spite your cheating computer, then you’ll remember the legendary Street Fighter. It was a game which, yes, caused so much pain, but also one which brought such joy and satisfaction (especially when you become unbeatable and play "winner stays on" with a group of friends).

So if you don’t already know, Capcom have resurrected their epic beat–em–up, and if the reviews are anything to go by, stepped up and done rather a royal job. In one particularly glowing assessment, IGN gave the game a massive 9.5, praising practically every aspect of gameplay apart from the occasional bug and technical error. So if you’re man enough to step up to the challenge, Street Fighter IV is currently going for £17.99 at Play.com – currently the cheapest place to get hold of a brand new copy of the game.

In a wise move, Capcom decided to discard all the unnecessary chaff which had gradually built up around the Street Fighter series. They have taken the franchise back its roots and built on the aspects which made it so great back in the day of the smokey arcade hall. Street Fighter IV has all of the franchise’s classic characters, preserves the old 6 button control system and although visually 3D, the ‘gameplay takes place on a 2D plane’ (IGN). But, like most beat-em-ups, solo play can get a bit repetitive, so playing with a group of friends is definitely the best way to enjoy Street Fighter IV.

Thanks to Reaper200 from Hotukdeals.

Street Fighter IV £17.99@ Play [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

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Lydia Low  Aug. 24, 2009 at 12:24

I hate being in the same room as my boyfriend when he plays Street Fighter on X-Box live. Luckily he's good enough to win most of the time but when things aren't going his way stuff gets broken.


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