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Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition £16.98 @ Gamestation [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition £16.98 @ Gamestation [Xbox 360 Games]

Street Fighter got itself a makeover this year, with the fourth in the series boasted some staggeringly good-looking artwork, the trademark deep-yet-accessible gameplay, a handful of new moves and combos and more flashing lights than a U2 concert. The Collection's Edition bundles a few extras in with the game too, such as a pair of character figurines (Ryu and Crimson Viper), a feature length anime movie entitled Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, and a bunch of DLC.

If you fancy getting your hands on a new copy of Street Fighter IV, then going for the Collector's Edition might just be the best way to go as bizarrely it seems to be the cheaper choice at the moment, although much of that has to do with limited stock on the ornament-free original. Just as well, then, that Gamestation are offering copies of Street Fighter IV: Collector's Edition for a budget-friendly £16.98, saving you nearly £3 on the nearest in-stock competitor (ShopTo - £19.75).

Street Fighter IV has a lot going for it. It's fast paced, fun to play and it seems that Capcom have gone to some lengths to stop button mashers from ruining everyone's fun. Gone are the days when you could pick Dhalsim and happily beat on your opposite number from halfway across the screen without fear of recrimination. The fire breathing baldy man is still as elastic as ever, but he's been powered down a bit now and made slower.

These little balancing touches are really noticeable in the multiplayer, it pays to get to know your favourite characters, and battles both online and local soon become a frenzied affair of violent one-upmanship, although admittedly characters like M. Bison and Sagat still feel a little overpowered and can move deceptively fast. Unfortunately, the same can't quite be said of the singleplayer: there's not really enough here to keep the lonely gamer terribly occupied, but fighting games have never really been about the solo player I suppose.

The new features, such as the Focus Attack and the Super/Ultra Combo, and a level of depth to the gameplay that can be perfectly ignored by newbies and pored over incessantly by hardcore gamers. The latter will find that their matches turn from frenzied attack fests into near-tactical setpieces incorporating move bluffing and mind-games. If you take the time, Street Fighter IV has enough under the hood to keep you coming back time and time again.

You can check out Lydia's more in-depth opinion on the game here.

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A Chilli Mondo  Dec. 17, 2009 at 11:53

I hate the gamestation site, always telling me I have cookies disabled even when I enable them for gamestation.co.uk - I hope they have it for the same price instore.

Thanks for the heads-up



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