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Street Fighter IV: Collectors' Edition £20.95 @ My Memory [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Street Fighter IV: Collectors' Edition £20.95 @ My Memory [XBox 360 Games]
Everyone's favourite (unless you preferred Mortal Kombat...) old skool beat 'em up returned this year to rapturous praise and plenty of fanfare. The news that Capcom are intending to release another mickey-taking upgrade in the form of Super Street Fighter IV has sent copies of the original tumbling in price. Which is handy for anyone hoping to get their hands on the special edition for far less than you might expect. My Memory are currently offering it for just £20.95. The next best price is £27.80 from Shop To who are very low on stock, meaning that you save nearly £7.

The Collector's Edition comes with a pair of figurines: Crimson Viper and Ryu, a Bonus Disc of the feature length movie in HD, a strategy guide to help you master those crucial special moves and DLC, all in a delightful presentation box. Lovely!

Street Fighter IV: Collectors' Edition £20.95 @ My Memory [XBox 360 Games]It's clear that an awful lot of love and care has gone into this title, everything looks fantastic and works perfectly. The graphics are stunningly good with the familiar faces brought to 3D life perfectly and nice new designs for the unique characters. There is something incredibly satisfying about just watching Rufus' huge round belly as it jiggles enticingly around the screen.

As well as the core twelve characters that we know and love, six new ones have been introduced. Two are unlockable secrets but four are available from the start. There is mixed martial artist Abel: an amnesiac with no past but absurdly large muscles to make up for it, American spy Crimson Viper who specialises in airborne attacks, Rufus: a mesmerisingly rotund kung fu specialist, out to usurp Ken's position as best American fighter, El Fuerte a fast and furious luchador from Mexico who mixes his love of the ring with an obsession for gourmet cooking. Of course there are plenty of old fan favourites to unlock along the way too.

Street Fighter IV: Collectors' Edition £20.95 @ My Memory [XBox 360 Games]There are new moves to play with too, in the form of Focus Attacks and Ultra Combos. Unlike many fighter titles, Street Fighter takes no prisoners and has little sympathy for the button masher. If you want to succeed then mastering the moves is a must so, unless you have an awful lot of time on your hands, I recommend picking a character of choice asap.

It almost feels blasphemous to say so but somehow, despite its obvious quality and flair, Street Fighter IV just doesn't do it for me. The final boss feels like a cop out with no actual character and moves plucked from each of the other fighters The characters feel poorly balanced, with Dhalsim sadly rendered virtually useless by his slow gait and underpowered moves while playing as Sagat almost feels like cheating as his fighting style encompasses the strength of some of the most powerful characters but with no compromise on speed. New Mexican Wrestler is a blast to play as but seriously hard to win with. Furthermore while there is some good varieties of fighter I find the number of Ken/Ryu style brawlers extremely tedious. How many slight variations of Hadouken do we need?

Maybe I am just bitter because the online multiplayer turns my boyfriend into a terrifying, rabid psycho - everyone else seems to find the game to be the best thing since, well, the last amazing game that I somehow managed to find something to whinge about...

Thanks to whizzkid from Hotukdeals!

Street Fighter IV: Collectors' Edition £20.95 @ My Memory [XBox 360 Games]

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