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From Street Fighter X Tekken to Harry Potter and the Comic Con Stabbing - News Roundup 25th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Tekken X Street Fighter Confirmed...

From Street Fighter X Tekken to Harry Potter and the Comic Con Stabbing - News Roundup 25th July 2010

The Street Fighter series frequently squares up to Tekken for epic sales battles... but soon characters from both sides will be sparring against each other. Yesterday, Capcom and Namco Bandai announced that not one, but two crossovers are currently in the pipeline; with each studio developing their own title featuring combatants from both games.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be developed by Capcom, using Street Fighter 4's characteristic stylish art design and levels. Conversely, Tekken X Street Fighter will be sculpted by by Katsuhiro Harada and the Namco Bandai team with a far more realistic and grittier approach (well, as gritty and realistic as you can get with giant Pandas and the ever-insane Yoshimitsu in the roster).

Katsuhiro Harada interrupted the press panel to show off the following demo, showing off the tag-team mechanics and art style. We're not quite as excited as the crowd appears to be (seriously, turn your volume down), but we're looking forward to seeing the results when yet another two fighting universes collide.  With Capcom currently working on Marvel vs Capcom 3 as well as Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online, it'll be some time before it hits the shelves.

[Thanks for gameplay demo, Game Videos]

Crazed Harry Potter Fan Stabs Comic-Con Attendee

From Street Fighter X Tekken to Harry Potter and the Comic Con Stabbing - News Roundup 25th July 2010

Comic-Con tends to attract its fair share of costumed cosplayers engaging in some heated arguments about whether Hero X could defeat Heroine Y... but every once in a while, these emotions are bound to boil over. After Capcom's Resident Evil: Afterlife panel, an enraged Harry Potter fan (identified due to the limited edition HP T-Shirt) reportedly stabbed a fellow attendee in the face with a ballpoint pen. According to the current confused reports, this was probably a misguided attempt to secure a seat for a friend. Accio eyeball!

After being subdued by fellow attendees, he was subsequently arrested and the victim taken to hospital. We'll update this story when we know more.

I'm glad to report that the London Comic Con passed without violence or incident last weekend. Us Brits just queued quietly, sipped some tea, discussed postcolonialism, engaged in a leisurely debate about whether Snape could take Boba Fett in a straight fight and went home. [Kotaku]

Front Mission Evolved Trailer Reveals MGS Cameo

From Street Fighter X Tekken to Harry Potter and the Comic Con Stabbing - News Roundup 25th July 2010

A new trailer for the upcoming arcade Mech Sim Front Mission Evolved has revealed a Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker crossover... but before you get too excited, this newfound cooperation mainly involves decals. You'll have a few Peace Walker and Foxhound stickers to decorate your customisable wanzer- and we're looking forward to tooling a loadout to resemble Metal Gear Rex once the September release date rolls around.

However, as the trailer says, this ain't no sneaking mission. Continue watching to witness aerial insertions, speedy street battles, sniper rifles and hardcore action that seems set to rival the venerable Armored Core series. As an avid fan of anything mecha-related (as well as the original Front Mission), I will be watching this one like a hawk. Front Mission Evolved has attracted some fearful fan scepticism for deviating from its turn-based roots- and I'll be keeping you updated by the wire. [GT]

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