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Strike Suit Infinity

Strike Suit Infinity Review | Stripped Down, Strikes Harder

Jonathan Lester
Arcade space sim, Born Ready Games, Indie Games, PC games, score attack, Strike Suit Infinity
Strike Suit Infinity | PC

Strike Suit Infinity Review | Stripped Down, Strikes Harder

Platforms: PC

Developer: Born Ready Games

Strike Suit Zero impressed and disappointed in equal measure (read the review here). The breakneck thrill of howling through the void in a transforming mech-fighter cannot be denied, yet the woefully derivative campaign was all too willing to marginalise its wonderful war machine. All too often, a cutscene would obnoxiously kick in just as a furball was getting interesting, or a pathetically underpowered capital ship required you to become a babysitter rather than ace pilot. Generic talking heads blithered through a cliched story that sidelined your role in the action, and bizarrely, you frequently had to leave your glorious Strike Suit in the hangar in favour of a boring factory edition fighter. "Space Combat Reborn" was the promise, but Space Combat Rehashed was the end result, a game that played it far too safe and conventional when it came to the crunch.

It's a shame, because SSZ had all the ingredients for a fresh and vibrant space shooter. Responsive and empowering action. Gorgeous visuals. Epic art design courtesy of Junji Okubo. And, you know, a space fighter that turns into a ruddy great mech at the drop of a hat.

Strike Suit Infinity Review | Stripped Down, Strikes Harder

Strike Suit Infinity repackages these core components into a tight score attack game where you, and your lovely Strike Suit, are always the star of the show.

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