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Strike Suit Zero Updated: New Difficulties, Checkpoint Saves, Cockpit Views

Matt Gardner
Born Ready Games, Patch, PC games, Space Sim, Strike Suit Zero

Born Ready Games have announced that Patch #3 for Strike Suit Zero is out this week. The latest update will come packing a number of difficulty levels (not to mention the removal of some of the more glaring difficulty spikes in-game), boast universal cockpit view options for all of the ships, and add in checkpoint saves.

Here's the full list of updates:

Implemented the cockpit:

· Cockpit view now uses a 3D cockpit Mesh which we enable/disable when we switch camera modes.

· New settings option to play Suit in third person or first person

· Cockpit uses a small speed shake when boosting

· Cockpit reacts when damaged

· Cockpit has mesh swap for Suit and Strike modes

· Added option to make the cockpit visible or invisible

-Checkpoints now saved during a mission -- The Player can resume missions from the last checkpoint. Restarting a checkpoint will leave you with the flux you had when you started it

· Changing difficulty mid mission requires a restart of the mission

-New difficulty modes added: Easy and Hardcore

· Choose difficulty in mission select

· Score per difficulty uploaded to Leaderboards

· Leaderboards filter updated to reflect new difficulties

-Added message to start of the game first time running with new difficulty options

-Created new Targeting Filter: override the current Select Nearest Objective functionality. Use mouse wheel or back button on pad to change Target from dynamic list of targets, press target button to confirm.

-Mission 7 Difficulty change:

· Increased number of allied fighters+ bombers

· Increased enemy priorities on allied fighters

· Separated enemy AI priorities from strike to player/fighter/bomber

· Reduced the amount enemy fighters will target the player bomber.

-Mission 3 Difficulty changes:

· Increased time to destroy wreckage in final stage

· Removed half the fighter squads and one bomber squad from final stage of the battle

-Mission M8 Difficulty Change:

· Removing one corvette squad + escorts from cruiser group.

-Updated lighting on all missions

-Fixed intensities and colours

-OUTPUT/ASSERT macros to allow output to stay on in distribution without performance hit

-Support for direct input force feedback, edit ForceFeedbackEffect.ffe with DXSDK8 tool fedit.exe to make your own effects.

-Fix for windows 8

-Fixed exit message and added fail message in Mission 4

-Fixing for success scores to match gold medals scores across the board

-Fix for Mission 7 upgrade not unlocking in some circumstances

-Fixed plasma projectiles that were not properly targeting the turret platforms.

-Fix crash with hanging entity bug with multiple entities have same name.

-Decreased the explosion screen flash on the doors in Mission 13

-Fixed subtitles issues with the epilogues

-Fixed bug with turret dead zones

-Bug Fixes in Mission 9

-Moved explosion spawns to their own spawn points, and changed swap delay for the supply cylinders on the fuel platform.

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