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Suda: 'I Think It's Really Difficult To Be Successful With A New IP'

Matt Gardner
Goichi Suda, Grasshopper Manufacture, Shadows Of The Damned

Suda: 'I Think It's Really Difficult To Be Successful With A New IP'

Grasshopper visionary Goichi Suda has lamented the difficulty in being successful with a new IP in today's industry. The man behind the quirky Shadows of the Damned - a game that tanked in sales terms on release, debuting at 31st here in the UK and only selling 24,000 copies in the first week of the US release - told of his regret regarding that game.

'Of course we always wish to have a big hit, but at the same time - not just in Japan, but worldwide - I think it's really difficult to be successful with a new IP,' said Suda, speaking to Eurogamer. 'You really need an extraordinary amount of support to have a new franchise be successful. Unfortunately we couldn't really do as well as we hoped for.'

When asked if there were things that he'd liked to have had in the final game but couldn't, the response was swift. 'Definitely," he said. 'I had lots of ideas for online. If I could do it over again I would definitely include online features.

"Every title you release you always want to do more and more but I think it is also our job as a developer to set up an environment where we can actually create what we want to do.'

The interview also hints at the possibility that EA could perhaps have been more forthcoming in their support: 'Perhaps tellingly, a PR man swoops in and shuts the conversation down when we ask if publisher EA could have done more to support the project,' interviewer Fred Dutton reports.

We love Grasshopper Manufacture and greatly appreciate the fact that Suda and co. are dedicated to a brand of gung-ho creative development that is seemingly at odds with a Western model seemingly ever-more predicated on the business decisions of the suits at the top.

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