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The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

Brendan Griffiths
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PlayStation 4

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

Sony’s PS4 reveal event this week gave us lots to look forwards to and get excited for over the coming months. Unlike Nintendo, they revealed the system specs straight away, which in the long run could be a big boost in gaining support from third-party developers at an early stage -the same area that is killing the Wii U right now.

We were always going to have questions left unanswered by the event though. Some for obvious reasons, like Sony themselves not even knowing yet, others a little less clear. We’ll be tapping Uncle Sony on the shoulder for info and leaning heavily on known squealers until launch day, so keep an eye on our news section for all the updates. For now, here’s what I thought were the seven most important items missing from the meeting.

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

The Price

Even a US price would have given us an idea of a ballpark figure. Naturally, we can expect to pay more for the console than our American cousins thanks to the usual currency conversion rates getting lost in translation.

There are a few other reasons we’ve not seen any solid pricing details yet. Sony will most certainly be keeping an eye on Microsoft. When Microsoft finally releases some details and specs Sony may be able to take an educated guess at how much MS are likely to charge for their machine, as they won’t want to be significantly more expensive again.

Sony will also be keen to build momentum and enthusiasm for the PS4 by revealing more essential features, exclusive games and killer footage to make the price less of an issue (or soften the blow) when they finally announce it. If you spend months wanting something and that desire is only built upon, chances are you’ll sell a kidney to get a taste.

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

UK Details

The event promised a release in time for this Christmas, but didn’t specify in what territories. They certainly didn’t mention a simultaneous worldwide release. With the event being held in New York, I think it’s a safe bet that the US will be propping up Christmas trees with PS4s. But what about Europe? Will we be left with an awkward March (2014) release again? Dear Sony, if you’d like to make a fucktonne of money, give it us at the same time.

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

Different Models at Launch

The PS3 may have only launched with the standard 60GB model, but today there are many varieties available with some weighing in at 500GB. So with the PS3, 360 and Wii U all sporting different SKUs, it makes sense to have some variety available at launch. Well, unless you make a hash of it by releasing a pointless 8GB model like the Wii U.

Apple still have the most disproportionate price per GB, but Sony’s memory cards for the Vita are extortionately expensive, so we hope they stick with the PS3-familiar SATA hard drives to keep costs down. We already know they won't be bothering with the marginally faster, but much more expensive SSDs (Solid State Drives). Being able to buy your own laptop-sized SATA drive on the PS3 is a great feature and hopefully we'll have the option again.

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

What the Console Looks Like

It’s not the end of the world that we haven’t actually seen the physical console body of PS4 yet. We’re sure it’s real. Well, 98%. While we blasted Nintendo for only showing the controller off at E3 a few years ago, Sony have already given us the system specs and explained a great deal about what they are trying to do.

I’m a big fan of the visual design of many of Sony’s consoles, in particular the slim PS2 and the original PS3 - except for when I’m lugging it between the upstairs and downstairs TVs that is. I’m happy to wait for Sony to spend a bit more time working on the visual design to get it just right.

As long as they don’t let their creative team from the ‘This is Living’ advertising campaign near it, I’m sure it’ll be fine. If they do, we’ll end up with a cymbal-clapping monkey toy tied to a see-through balloon with a cloud and a frog in it. Or something weird.

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

Vita Games

It’s all very well saying we’ll be able to switch off the TV and carry on playing the PS4 on our Vita, but maybe we’d like to play something on it before Christmas. Where are all the other Vita games? I’m still trying to get over the trauma of Black Ops: Declassified. Just give me another Uncharted game and I’ll stop bitching for a few weeks at least. At least Ken Levine can get started on the Bioshock title now Infinite is finished.

Seeing as the Vita has just received a price-cut in Japan, we’ll hopefully see one in the US and EU as Sony really need to start shifting more units if they’re to convince third-party developers to dedicate the time to making some quality titles.

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

The Missing Big Games

We were surprised to hear nothing from the likes of Gran Turismo and third-party titles like Grand Theft Auto V or Metal Gear Solid. Older Sony fans will be a still clinging onto hope of hearing the words “Ridge Racer!” belting out across the stage at E3 or sooner too. Destiny aside, this was very much about Sony’s games. To be fair, they’re looking pretty hot.

The Last Guardian Continues to hide which didn’t really surprise us, but Sony need to stop messing us around and admit the game’s not going to make it to PS3. We have so much hope for the game that many of us would prefer to see it reach its full potential on the PS4 if it’s struggling on the PS3.

The Sunday Seven | PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

Why Have the Helghast Turned Into cats?

I love Killzone, especially the Helghast and their iconic, scary glowing orange eyes. While I was trying not to lose cool points by fist-pumping the air during the live feed reveal of Killzone: Shadow Fall, my better half chipped in with, “ha he looks like a cat!” on seeing the first Helghast soldier appear. I can’t unsee it now. Meozone. Kittizone. Helloghan Kitty. Thanks hun. I’m banning her from seeing anything related to Bioshock Infinite.

Well, that’s another Sunday 7 in the bag dear readers. How did you enjoy the PS4 reveal? Were you howling at the screen because they forgot to tell you something? Sound off below and let us know what you think Sony should be telling us next about the PS4, Vita and the still very much in action PS3.

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[email protected]  Feb. 24, 2013 at 18:13

I think knowing more about Remote Play would be nice. Sitting on the toilet playing Dark Souls 2 would be nice but sitting on the train playing Dark Souls 2 would be awesome.

Anarchist  Feb. 24, 2013 at 20:39

How about info on the rumoured tech that stops second hand resales? That would be top of my list of things I want to know.

JonLester  Feb. 24, 2013 at 23:19

@Anarchist: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida has dropped a couple of interesting tidbits on the subject.



Coy is an understatement, but if we take these statements at face value, we can foresee a couple of possibilities. Either the PS4 won't deploy global anti pre-owned countermeasures and leave publishers to instigate online passes/DRM etc on a case by case basis... OR Sony is still taking advice from their third party partners and have yet to decide... OR the PS4 has tech in place and publishers can decide whether to use it.

The shift to digital will make this less relevant as time passes (depending on how our right to trade in digital games as EU citizens pans out), but for now, we reckon that locking used games could be very risky. If MS don't also follow suit, Sony would end up devaluing their own software and making their console less attractive to many consumers. Personally, I like pre-owned games on principle (http://www.dealspwn.com/preowned-war-72053), so I'll be following this with considerable interest.

@[email protected]: When 4G is ubiquitous and stable, perhaps a new Vita model would allow you to stream PS4 games directly to your handheld using Gaikai. Until then, it's likely to function much like current remote play titles or the Wii U Gamepad - limited range from the console only.

Last edited by JonLester, Feb. 24, 2013 at 23:31
Anarchist  Feb. 25, 2013 at 02:44

Interesting... Coy though like you said. Sounds like there is more to it than his purposefully vague answers let on, call me a cynic if you must. If when questioned he knew he had nothing to hide, he wouldn't have sought PR advice, and wouldn't have given a purposefully coy response.

Whichever console does not introduce this flawed tech, I will buy. Both, one or neither. I don't particularly buy second hand games, but they have their place, and I like borrowing/lending games to mates. I don't want to have to take my whole console round to a mates house just so we can play some split screen coop on whatever new game I've just bought.

Mallacred  Feb. 25, 2013 at 05:11

This was Sony's best press conference in years. They focused on what the core gamers are looking for games! The new controller looks beautiful and added everything gamers wanted; headphone jack, improved grip, sticks, d-pad, and triggers. (Aside from the share and options buttons [seriously bring back start and select])
In fact the only thing that most people I’ve talked to were disappointed in, was in regard’s to 3 games:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
The Last Guardian

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