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Sunday Trailer Blowout! - News Roundup 4th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
Fable 3, Gran Turismo 5, Idolmaster 2, News, Trailers
Fable III | Gran Turismo 5

Summer's finally arrived- and everyone's headed out to the beach, picnics and all that other stuff I hear people get up to on days like this. Not me, though. For everyone else who's stuck inside, may I offer you a tantalising glimpse of what the outside has to offer with this weekend's hottest gameplay trailers?

Gran Turismo 5: Shiny Cars, Big Crashes

Much to the delight of everyone who's been waiting these last 5 years, GT5 is on the way... and the newest trailer is looking very nifty indeed. Without hyperbole, expect this to be the best looking driving game of all time.

Of interest, an in-cockpit view was definitely included in the trailer... of note since rumours that this view mode had been cut have been wafting around the internet for some time now. Enjoy!

Fable 3 Combat: Hungry Like the Wolf

Courtesy of Joystiq, we have the newest Fable 3 gameplay trailer for your delectation: focusing on the combat. Wolves have a bad press (and a low life expectancy) in RPGs, and our dashing hero wastes no time in wiping out the entire pack and finishing with a flourish. Fable 2's three-button combat is set to make a return, allowing an effortless switch between swordplay, gunslinging and terrifying combat magic.

On the other hand, the terrible voice acting might be set to make another unwelcome return. Sure, Fable 3 will have a great big-name cast... but I hope Lionhead works on getting some serious professionals in for the random NPCs!

Idolmaster 2 Headed to X360... Here's What To Expect

Is there simply not enough Japanese anime craziness in your life? I know how you feel- and luckily, help is  at hand. Idolmaster 2 is headed to the Xbox 360... and from what we gather, it's a bit like managing a bizarre set of divas in order to turn them into stars (idols, if you will). Basically, it's a Simon Cowell simulator with extra bonus crazy- as well as some neat visuals. We're still unclear about whether it's headed to western shores... but we kinda hope that it is.

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