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Sunset Overdrive is Crackdown meets Jet Set Radio on Xbox One

Jonathan Lester
Insomniac Games, Microsoft Studios, trailer, Xbox One Games

Sunset Overdrive is Crackdown meets Jet Set Radio on Xbox One

Come back Insomniac. Fuse is forgiven.

Or at least, the first official gameplay footage of Sunset Overdrive looks like an exciting open-world experience that's packed with colour and personality, ridiculous weapons and wall-grinding mobility - something akin to a fusion between Crackdown and Jet Set Radio, perhaps.

Naturally we can't make any value judgements until we play the finished product this autumn, but Insomniac's Xbox One exclusive has definitely catapulted itself straight onto our radar. Have a look and tell us what you make of it!

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Yukes  May. 9, 2014 at 15:46

Looks great!

XB1 exclusive...ugh.

Harryisme  May. 9, 2014 at 16:47

The parkour needs speeding up other than that i'm looking forward to this game..I hope Sony show a fun game like this at E3 as well, I'm itching to justify buying the PS4, Titanfall and the price drop justified me buying the XBO, Infamous didn't manage that for the PS4 so I'm hoping for something interesting and just fun to play...The story is all good for critical acclaim but the lack of fun for me atleast puts me off.

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