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Sunset Overdrive intro & gameplay footage blasts out of RTX

Jonathan Lester
Gameplay footage, Insomniac Games, Xbox One Games

Sunset Overdrive intro & gameplay footage blasts out of RTX

The Rooster Teeth Expo may have played host to some interesting intelligence regarding The Master Chief Collection over the weekend, but Microsoft also brought Insomniac's crazy open-world shooter to the proceedings. Attendees were able to watch Sunset Overdrive's full opening cinematic and an Xbox One gameplay demonstration, which you can now peruse for yourself after the break.

Expect grind rails, insane weaponry and soda-powered monstrosities a-go-go -- and the finished product on October 28th.

Videos recorded by and courtesy of Arekkz Gaming.

And just for fun, here's the official Chaos Squad multiplayer trailer released last week.

Sunset Overdrive is set to be a ton of cathartic fun, at least if it's anywhere near as fun as it looks. Thoughts?

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