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New Super Mario Bros Limited Tin Edition £34.99 @ Game [Wii Games]

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New Super Mario Bros Limited Tin Edition £34.99 @ Game [Wii Games]

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone says Mario? I think most people will think of a stubby Italian plumber in blue overalls with a wicked moustache. He’s that famous and has been around so long that even the older generations will be familiar with him. And now he returns – old school style. The new Mario game is expected to be released on the 20th November 2009.

When Super Mario first entered our homes, he was relatively unknown and unappreciated. He first appeared with Donkey Kong, where the player had to navigate Mario up sloping platforms and avoid the barrels the giant ape threw at him, all in order to save the princess. Mario then became better know for his side scrolling adventures, where he gained power ups by eating mushrooms, flowers and other delicacies in the world of Mario. Again, this was to save the rather kidnap-prone princess. This is what made Mario, and eventually a cartoon series was brought out, and as games consoles grew more advanced so did Mario. The series continued to thrive and grow but eventually, in my opinion, lose its original magic.

However, finally Nintendo have gone back to its roots with New Super Mario. The idea of a side scroller may put some people off, what with its primitive technology and gameplay, but don’t be too hasty to judge. New Super Mario follows the basic principle of its original but has made many improvements and more, which any fan of Mario will be proud of.

The graphics have been updated for the 21st Century and so has the sound. It has also been incorporated to work with the Wii controls, so expect to do a lot of shaking and moving with the remote. Mario, Luigi and two toads are playable and you can now ride Yoshi. There are also some guest appearances from the Mario world you would not expect to see.  But by far the biggest improvements are to the overall gameplay. You can now play with up to three friends in both cooperative and competitive modes. You also have a new propeller suite and the ability to transform Mario into a penguin. How Mario can benefit from turning into a Penguin, I don’t know. There are also rankings at the end of each level which means you can weed out the weaklings. This, and many more new features are in New Super Mario Bros.

Slapping ‘New’ in front of Super Mario really says it all. You are getting a new and improved experience from this video game. Fans of the original should not be disappointed and even the younger generations can appreciate what we loved to play many years ago, albeit with some modernised features. And those of you that are big fans can appreciate this game even more with the limited edition tin. New Super Mario Bros Limited Tin Edition £34.99 @ Game [Wii Games]This is a great multiplayer experience and even if you don’t fancy that, you can always go at it solo and reminisce about the old days.

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Lydia Low  Nov. 12, 2009 at 13:38

I hope that the penguin suit allows Mario to slide around on his belly :D


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