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Super Mario Galaxy 2 £27.99 @ The Game Collection [Nintendo Wii Games]

Lydia Low
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 £27.99 @ The Game Collection [Nintendo Wii Games]

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the bold and beautiful sequel to Nintendo's original Mario Galaxy game and sees our portly hero shot into space once again for yet another Bowser-bothering adventure.

Like seemingly all Mario games, Galaxy 2 has held its price stubbornly, barely shifting once it dropped down to the £30 mark. So while £28 might sound far from impressive for a game of this age, it is in fact really rather a good deal and undercuts the next best price of £29.74 from Tesco by just under £2.

Mario is on his way to the castle for a bite of Peach's sweet cake when he is apprehended by a super-sized Bowser, who, despite looking like he has eaten more than his fair share of sweet treats lately, kidnaps the princess in order to be the one who gets his mitts on her baked goods. So, dutifully our moustachioed hero heads into space to rescue his princess once again.

The plot is paper thin and very simple, in order to carry the game along without getting in the way of the action. While this is de rigeur for Mario games, Galaxy 2 feels particularly lightweight in terms of the narrative but thankfully the gameplay is more than engaging enough to completely excuse this.

Much like the storyline, it's hard to praise the gameplay in terms of imagination; Galaxy 2 plays almost indentically to its predecessor. With an original game as excellent as the first Mario Galaxy, this really isn't a problem but it would have been nice to see a little more innovation, if only in the form of a few more different power-up mushrooms/flowers. Nintendo have thrown Yoshi into the mix to stir things up a little but some people have found this to be more of an irritation than an appealing factor! I however enjoy the change in pace that jumping on the dino's back provides and was pleased that he is only included in a select few galaxies to keep his appearances special.

The graphics are predictably awe inspiring, bright and beautiful, and it is such a joy to be reunited with the gravity scrambling physics-based gameplay. It's hard to be annoyed at the lack of originality; the game is just filled to bursting with clever little details and as a whole it absolutely reeks of quality. If it aint broke, then please don't start tinkering around with it!

I think I must be the only person in the world who actually preferred the original game, purely because I preferred the range of galaxies presented in that title and found the hub world a more effective and appealing platform for planet-hopping. Nonetheless, this of course, remains, in my mind as much as anyone else's, a stunning achievement that is more than reason enough to dust off that Wii and ignore your other consoles for a while.

Just like its predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a genuine must-have game that allowed Nintendo to prove, yet again, that when it comes to platforming, no one does it better.

Thanks to normsland at Hotukdeals!

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