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Super Meat Boy Shifts 600, 000 Copies

Felix Kemp
Games news, Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy Shifts 600, 000 Copies

Indie darling, Super Meat Boy, has just passed the 600, 000 mark, shifting over half a million across Xbox LIVE and Steam. That's according to developers Team Meat, speaking to Pocketful of Megabytes, where they spoke at great length about the game's continued success, the levels of 100% completion - very little - and whether the titular Meat Boy might be oozing his way onto Nintendo's 3DS.

In the interview, Team Meat's Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen told Pocketful of Megabytes that on Steam alone "we're approaching 400, 000", but they're not at liberty to give "specific numbers". Super Meat Boy was one of the top-selling titles throughout the holiday period, thanks to two separate marketing promotions on both LIVE and Steam.

Team Meat also touched on the recent cancellation of Super Meat Boy for the Wii, which was going to eschew a WiiWare release and hit store shelves. However, the team's had issues with the Wii's retail situation, where shelves are "flooded with crap". Publishers are apparently "wary of investing in retail" on the Wii, especially if its a budget title like Super Meat Boy. "A lot of people aren’t buying Wii games anymore".

It's not all doom and gloom, as SMB received some brand-spanking new content recently, with Super Meat World launching as a hub for user-generated content. A Mac version is also in the works, along with a Linux release, and you won't have to purchase the game again if you already have it on PC and want to transfer to your Apple device! [Pocketful of Megabytes]

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