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Super Paper Mario £17.99 @ Shopto.net [Wii Game]

Lydia Low
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Super Paper Mario £17.99 @ Shopto.net [Wii Game]

Many people completely forgot about Mario's first adventure on the Wii as soon as Super Mario Galaxy arrived. But if you have not yet experienced the joy of Nintendo's rather bizarre RPG/platformer crossover starring everyone's favourite moustachioed plumber, then you are missing out on a treat.
The game has held its price well and if you want a new copy you'll be hard pressed to find one for under £20. That makes Shopto.net's current price of £17.99 a pretty sweet deal – especially when you consider that it is almost £7 cheaper than the next best offer at £24.95.

In this inventive 2D to 3D adventure, Mario finds himself fighting to save the entire universe from the evil Count Bleck, whose particular brand of megalomania somehow requires the marriage of Bowser to Peach(!). To defeat the dastardly count he must count on the help of Peach and Luigi and even Bowser as well as using his own new found power to “flip” the world from two to three dimensions.

Mario also befriends a group of groan-inducingly-named new companions to help him on his way. They're known as the “pixls” and they allow him to perform an extra array of tricks and talents. They help him on his quest to find the Pure Hearts that will allow him to win the day.

Super Paper Mario is very pleasing to the eye and absolutely bursting with good natured humour and charm. The silliness does not mean that this is a slight game however; the levels are inventive and the puzzles intelligent and often very witty. The story is simple but entertaining and the dialogue is fantastic and full of in-jokes and nods to fans of Mario, Nintendo and the world of gaming.

The secrets you discover when you change your perspective to 3D constantly delight and enthrall. Characters such as Francis, the gecko nerd, will stay with you long after your adventure is over.

However, parts of the game do drag and the quality of the level design does seem to start a sudden downwards trend half way through. Additionally, the sudden lurches of wonder and delight Super Paper Mario can induce in even the most cynical of players, do not cease as you continue through the game and this is enough to sustain interest.

Perhaps not quite as good as the previous title in the Paper Mario series and understandably eclipsed by the brilliance of Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario nonetheless remains one of the most fun, innovative and enjoyable titles available for the Nintendo Wii.

Thanks to QenTox from HotUkDeals.

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Marius Goubert  Aug. 26, 2009 at 22:23

Liking the captions!

John McLaggan  Aug. 27, 2009 at 00:09

It's a while since I played the game but isn't that screenshot from the Gamecube Paper Mario rather than the Wii version? The humour is good in these games although they feel a bit stretched out to me.


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