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"Super Secret Project" In The Works At Lionhead

Felix Kemp
Lionhead Games, Peter Molyneux
Fable: The Journey | Xbox 360

"Super Secret Project" In The Works At Lionhead

Peter Molyneux must be a bitch to wrangle for Microsoft's PR. Between shaming Fable 3 and dissing Kinect, the walking hype-machine has just revealed Lionhead has a "super secret project" incubating in-house. He wouldn't share any specific details, but here at Dealspwn we're hoping a Black and White revival is on the cards. Molyneux also had more to say on Lionhead's first Kinect offering, Fable The Journey, which includes "one of the most amazing things we've ever created".

"Some people in the audience will be thinking, I don't want to use Kinect. I don't want to jump around all over the place - I want to sit down," laments Molyneux in a discussion about Kinect's merits as a core gamer's peripheral. "hat's only thinking of the negatives. Think about the positives about Kinect. The wonderful, amazing thing about Kinect is that it can see you".

Before its launch, doubt was cast on Kinect's ability to work when it was tracking a person sat down, rather than standing up, arms a-flailing. That's since been dismissed, and Fable The Journey has been tailored for Kinect players who'd rather sit down and play. "The most amazing thing about the journey is that you can play it sitting down. If I'm going to tell the most emotional story in the fable saga, you'll have to be relaxed".

According to Molyneux, Fable The Journey crams a "huge amount" of tech work the team at Lionhead amassed from the ill-fated Milo & Kate adventure. Maybe interacting with Albion's dim-witted inhabitants will include a tad more complexity than farting in their general direction this time, then.

A key feature in Fable The Journey is your horse and carriage, which was demoed at Microsoft's E3 2011 event. You can hold the reins, directing the horse where to go and pulling back or lashing forward to stop or make haste respectively. And according to Molyneux, this is Fable The Journey's crowning achievement. "This horse is one of the most amazing things we've ever created," he exclaims. "He's going to have so much feeling for you. Think about combining the creature from Black and White, the dog from Fable and my hamster from when I was a child".

"I definitely want to make you cry," said Molyneux, hopefully well-aware of context when saying something like that. "I want there to be a lump in your throat. I want you to remember this for the rest of your life. Why would I want to make a game that didn't do that?". Fable The Journey will be on show at Gamescom in August, and in better shape, too, so we'll be bringing you up-to-the-minute hands-on with it very soon! [Games Industry]

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