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Super Street Fighter IV Preorder £21.86 @ Shop To [Xbox 360/PS3 Deals]

Lydia Low
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Super Street Fighter IV Preorder £21.86 @ Shop To [Xbox 360/PS3 Deals]

Earlier today Brendan posted about two great deals for the Collectors' Edition of Street Fighter IV. However, if you are not all that bothered about having your games wrapped in the shiny prestige of Collectors' status, or you'd rather have a t-shirt than action figures, the news that Shop To are selling the new Super Street Fighter IV for just a couple of quid more than the best prices for the original one is pretty sweet. Not only does this deal give you a saving of just over £2.50 compared to the next cheapest (£24.49 from Cool Shop for the 360 version, £24.73 from The Hut for PS3) but Shop To are also throwing in a nifty looking Dhalsim t-shirt (normally £9.95) to sweeten the deal!

Shop To guarantee that you will receive your game by its release date of April 30th so long as you order before midday on the 28th or they will credit your account with £3 compensation.

Super SFIV is an expansion of last year's Street Fighter IV and adds ten characters to the original roster. These new fighters include old favourites Adon (from the original Street Fighter); T. Hawk and Dee Jay (from Super Street Fighter II); Cody and Guy (from Final Fight) and Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto (from Street Fighter III) as well as new character Juri, a young South Korean woman with a Taekwondo fighting style, who works for Seth's organisation S.I.N.

As well as adding extra fighters, the game has been revamped and reworked to make play more fun and accessible for everyone. Each character now has a second Ultra combo move and their whole skillset has been rebalanced but without the removal of any moves.

Super Street Fighter IV gives you some new online multiplayer modes to play with, such as Team Battle which can employ up to eight players in team elimination battles, Endless Battle which pits players against a rotating group of players and a Replay Channel which allows the player to view and save replays from around the world. This expansion also sees a revisit to the Car and Barrel bonus stages which featured in Street Fighter II.

Despite the breathless, dribbling awe of some of my friends, I can't help but feel cynical about Super Street Fighter. While there is enough content here to justify its release as a full game rather than DLC and the release price is certainly modest, expecting fans of the series to buy what is effectively the same game twice strikes me as both audacious and contemptuous. However the vast majority of fans will do just that, so, if you enjoy playing SF IV online, you'll just have to suck it up and enjoy what the update has to offer. At least if you go for this deal you can nab a free t-shirt while you're at it.

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