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X Superbox | £4.99 | GamersGate | PC

Jonathan Lester
Egosoft, PC games, Space sims
X Superbox | £4.99 | GamersGate | PC
  • What: X: Beyond The Frontier, X-Tension, X2 - The Threat, X3 : Reunion, Bala Gi's Research missions expansion, X3 : Terran Conflict, Balance of Power expansion & X3 : Albion Prelude
  • Where: GamersGate
  • Current Price: £4.99

X! This venerable series of space sims is a must-play for genre fans, and now it's all kinds of cheap. A shade short of a fiver will net you the entire series, all of its expansions and even the prelude to the next episode. Explore, trade, battle, upgrade... we love space sims so much, and X is up there with the best of them.

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Late  Aug. 13, 2012 at 10:07

Highly recommended.
I lost months to the first two instalments (around 2002). Bought the 3rd when it came out a few years later but it never worked on my pc. Pretty sure I've upgraded since. Should dig it out and try again. In fact I'm feeling drawn to the first two games again now...

Definitely satisfied the itch, for those old enough to remember "Elite", back in the Eighties.


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