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Superhot Is Awesome, Gets Press Trailer

Matt Gardner
#7DFPS, Blue Brick, Indie Games, PC games, Superhot, Unity

Superhot Is Awesome, Gets Press Trailer

Attention, people! There's a game I really need you to play. It'll only take about ten minutes or so, it's completely free and it's an FPS where you can manipulate time. It's called Superhot, and it's freaking brilliant.

Developed as part of the #7DFPS game jam, in which developers make FPS games in the space of seven days, Superhot is a tiny slice of such irresistible innovation that I spent a good half an hour just mucking about in a game that should really only take a handful of minutes.

The premise is this: time only moves when you do. Actually, that's not strictly true, it moves incredibly slowly when you stand still, but looking aroud and any sort of movement will serve to speed things up. What this means practically, is that with a little bit of careful stop/start motion, you can evade enemies, dodge bullets, and get the jump on your foes.

The minimalist visuals serve to enhance the experience, with monochromatic environments given splashes of red as enemies crumple in a shower of blood after being hit, and bullets drift past your view with red tails.

It's pretty stunning, and over all too quickly. Play it here.

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X10  Sep. 11, 2013 at 19:30

Quite enjoyed that, thanks Matt!

MattGardner  Sep. 12, 2013 at 11:11

It's REALLY good. I want to see it in a full game now. Or at least have Blue Brick expand it into some kind of fully cohesive experience. It's too good of an idea to not be developed further!

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