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Supreme Commander 2 £22.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 games]

Tom Silkstone
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Supreme Commander 2 £22.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 games]

You're in the middle of a massive campaign to crush your enemies, your troops are fighting for their lives on the ground, in the air, and out to sea, some have fallen in battle and this has set you on edge. Oh wait, hang on, you're commanding them from inside a giant metal suit thats outfitted with so many weapons and facility building abilities, you'd expect Obadiah Stane to be contained within!

ShopTo are letting you get your hands on a copy of the game for £22.85, which'll save you over £2 on the next best offer of £24.98 coming in from Amazon and The Game Group (Game, Gamestation, and Gameplay).

Thank you Gas Powered Games for delivering an RTS console title that I didn't immediately hate! I'm a big RTS fan slaving my way through the numerous genres that are on offer from building up ancient civilisations in Age of Empires titles, to constructing fleets of starships in Star Trek: Armada 2. The only problem with transferring RTSs onto consoles is that you lose the excellent control over your forces that a desktop mouse has to offer. Luckily, the control system in Supreme Commander 2 didn't make me want to rip my hair out in frustration after a couple of minutes. If needs be you can select individual units, highlight all units of a particular type by quickly double clicking the A button, select every unit on the map, and manage your forces over the entire map by zooming into strategic view, all of which provide you with quick and easy ways to both locate and order your forces around.

The game itself is pretty standard; you'll be pitted against an enemy force, which you'll need to overcome by collecting resources, building up an army, and upgrading that army. The fact that you can create ground, naval, and aerial forces, means that you can wage war in whatever way you see fit.

Upgrading is a fairly simple affair for an RTS, but is also incredibly enjoyable. All you need to do is build a research facility, where you can go to improve all of your units.

In the majority of RTSs I've played, I can't help but feel that the first wave of troops are only there to shield the ones that are immediately behind them, and their deaths are almost inevitable. As you can imagine I was fairly pleased to find that there were a couple of units in the game that helped to overcome this problem, in the forms of the portable shield generators and portable missile defence platforms.

If like me, you're an RTS fan with a PC that isn't powerful enough to run a lot of modern games (or even free games as I discovered recently after downloading the new Dr. Who adventure game!) then it might be worth investing in Supreme Commander 2, as it still plays very well on a console.

Want a second opinion? Then why not check out Matt's review of the game here.

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