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SURPRISE! Meet the Medic of WildStar in the latest DevSpeak video

Carl Phillips
Carbine Studios, Medic, NCsoft, WildStar

Oh, and the Engineer too!

Yep, it's all kicking off over at Carbine Studios this week, as we've been granted permission to break the news on the final two classes for WildStar. This week's Class Drop will focus on the technology-wielding healer / DPS hybrid known as the Medic, and you can watch the latest DevSpeak to learn more about them by clicking play on the video above.

But that's not all we've got to show you. Oooooh no-no-no-no. How about a brand new in-game WildStar animated short which features the OTHER unannounced class? Because you can find that right after the jump.

Don't forget - we'll be getting some exclusive hands-on time with the two new classes tomorrow, and we'll also be interviewing Creative Producer Matt Mocarski, so if you have any questions regarding WildStar be sure to head over to our dedicated post here.

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