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Survey: One Third Of All UK Adults Play Mobile Games

Jonathan Lester
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Survey: One Third Of All UK Adults Play Mobile Games

A new survey commissioned by casual giant PopCap Games has revealed that a third of UK adults regularly play games on their mobile phones, and that smartphones are surpassing consoles and PC in terms of market penetration. Let's face it, you can't play your PS3 on the loo. Or at least, most of us don't.

We already know that Britain is a great gaming nation. After all, 74% of our youth identify themselves as gamers and play videogames as a major hobby. However, this latest study conducted by the Information Solutions Group (and cynically commissioned by PopCap games who likely plan to gain investment for further expansion into the mobile market) indicates that smartph0nes are fast becoming the major platform of choice for most gamers.

2,425 consumers were polled worldwide, revealing that 52% said they had played a mobile phone title "at some point in the past". This includes a whopping 73% per cent of Brits! Of all the consumers polled by the survey, 33.6% of adults admitted to playing regularly in the last month, making them gamers in our book. A quarter also played games within the last week, labelling them as "avid" gamers by definition. [GI]

So what do these numbers mean for the industry? Quite a lot, actually. When compared to other formats, 44% of consumers prefer smartphones to consoles or PC... and a ridiculous 83% of smartphone owners use them primarily as a gaming platform. We already know that casual gaming is on an inevitable rise to glory- and as a nation, we're more than ready for it.

Big name franchises such as Dead Space have already made it to iOS, providing meaty thrills that canonically tie in to the console big brothers (as well as providing in-game bonuses). Why not check out the full review over at Mobot? We'd suggest that you'll be seeing a lot more of this style of release in the coming months.

Are you an 'avid' mobile gamer? Does your smartphone see more use than your PS3 or Xbox 360? Or is it all a bit too casual for your tastes? Have your say in the comments?

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