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How To Survive is £2.70 on PC thanks to a Uplay voucher code

Jonathan Lester
PC, PC games

How To Survive is £2.70 on PC thanks to a Uplay voucher code

How To Survive | Uplay | £2.70 (save £3.29 vs Steam sale!)
Voucher Code: 10THANKS | How To Survive Review

How To Survive isn't the most magnificent example of the ARPG genre you'll ever see, but Brendan reckons that there's a compelling little time sink to be found here. His biggest gripe was the price tag, which isn't an issue now that Uplay are practically giving it awa with the 10THANKS voucher. It's reportedly a Steam code too!

Thanks and credit to vietnoboi @ HUKD, who found this before I did!

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Johnmcl7  Dec. 21, 2013 at 13:02

I wouldn't spend a single penny on Uplay, it's a disaster of a system that Ubisoft seem in no hurry to fix. I made the mistake of buying a couple of games on the service but cannot download them, due to some superb programming the download goes at 40Kb/s (total download is around 40GB for both games) yet somehow it uses the maximum bandwidth of the connection and its actually downloading large amounts of data. Technical support have been completely useless supplying the single suggestion of trying to download at off peak times and the assistance on their forums is non-existent. There are however many people encountering the same issues.

It gets better though, once you've finally managed to download the game you can't back it up nor move it to another machine so if you need to reinstall or install it on a different machine you need to go through the whole painful download again.

Needless to say I'm treating it as an expensive lesson why never to use Uplay. I get annoyed with Steam at times but it just seems amazing in comparison.

ODB_69  Dec. 22, 2013 at 18:49

Bargain! Bought

uPlay aint too bad in my experience. Better than it was


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