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SWTOR: Jedi vs Sith - which is better?

geriatricks |  Jan. 2, 2012 at 18:19

who have people been playing as and how are you finding them?

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CarlPhillips  Jan. 3, 2012 at 17:47

I'll be going into more detail in my upcoming previews (and if you've yet to see the first part of my review for SWTOR, check it out here) but here's a quick summary of my impressions of the classes I've dabbled with.

Jedi Knight: Great fun to watch as I jump into the middle of enemies, and the path to getting a lightsabre is an enjoyable one. Saying that though, the Consular ability to throw debris at foes looks mighty satisfying as well.

Smuggler: There's nothing quite like watching my guy kick an enemy in the nuts and then shoot him in the back with a shotgun. He's also a money-grubbing womaniser who looks like a wizard, so I'm liking him so far.

Sith Warrior: While machanically the same as a Jedi Knight, the style of the moves are visually more brutal, and thus a bit more satisfying. That, and the dark side convo choices are entertainingly evil.

Bounty Hunter: It may be down to the fact I've put more time into this class than the others, but this is definitely my favourite by far. An awesome storyline, visually impressive abilities, and the whole "play by my own rules" mentality kinda seals the deal.


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