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Syndicate Is "Very Tough", According To EA

Felix Kemp
EA Games, Starbreeze, Syndicate

Syndicate Is "Very Tough", According To EA

"It's A Very Challenging, Hardcore Shooter Experience"

Syndicate is all set to appeal to hardcore shooter fans who love a challenge. That's according to publisher EA's Jeff Gamon, who told Eurogamer that Starbreeze is building a "very traditional" shooter, and cites the "best of breed" AI as a key cornerstone in their efforts to attract the passionate hardcore shooter crowd.

"It's an excellent shooting experience," Gamon said. An FPS interpretation of Bullfrog's classic strategy title, Syndicate puts you in the boots of an Agent, an elite cybernetic operative who can hack into the cerebral network of others, forcing them to obey his whim, or simply shoot his way out of sticky situations. "We think our AI is best of breed. It's very light on scripting. It's a very challenging, hardcore shooter game."

Gabon called Syndicate "very traditional", and claims players will find it a considerable challenge to complete. However, instead of opting for the unfair difficulty route, Gabon claims players will be aware it's simply a case of the AI winning when they die, not some cruel tactic employed by the game itself.

We've a Syndicate preview inbound tomorrow from Jon. In the meantime, why not check out his last preview right here. [Eurogamer]

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