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System Shock 2 Confirmed For GOG Release Tomorrow

Jonathan Lester
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System Shock 2 Confirmed For GOG Release Tomorrow

Fear Me, Hacker!

Oh, frabjous day! The rumours are true: System Shock 2 will finally be getting a re-release, starting on GOG.com. Tomorrow.

GOG's front page carries a suggestive banner and a countdown ("System found," no less), while newly-founded studio Night Dive confirmed the move to Rock Paper Shotgun.

"The rights are still held in a very complicated tangle and going into all of it makes for very dry reading," explained Night Dive's Stephen Kick. "The short version is that negotiations began in October of last year. I pitched the rights-holder with the focus being on the digital distribution of System Shock 2 and–as much to my surprise as anyone’s, possibly–here we are today."

We are so, so ready for this. System Shock 2 forms the foundation of the BioShock series and delivers what is still probably the most terrifying gaming experience on the market, due to exquisite sound design, impeccable level design and an eye for unpredictable shocks over traditional jump scares. It's also an excellent shooter with complex RPG and research elements. After a decade-long dispute over the IP and licensing following Irrational Games' departure from EA, we're chuffed that SHODAN is finally getting another day in the sun.

Fear me, hacker. It's time to delve into the guts of those worms. Remember Citadel, and stuff. Excuse my babbling, I need to go lie down.

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