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System Shock 2 Out Now On GOG.com

Carl Phillips
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System Shock 2 Out Now On GOG.com

Now With Added Co-op Multiplayer

As predicted yesterday, System Shock 2, one of the scariest games every made, has been re-released on GOG. The updated version will work on modern versions of Windows with ease (putting all that fiddling with virtual machines to rest) and will cost you $9.99 (~£6.45).

It also comes with a surprising additional feature – co-op play. Up to 4 people can play through the story together, and while this revelation has caused some discussion here at the Dealspwn Citadel as to whether it is even needed (the words “Dead Space Effect” were uttered) we came to the conclusion that having the option to make your way through the Van Braun and Rickenbaker with a friend is a welcome one. We do recommend playing it alone first though. Click here to go straight to the listing.

Well, what are you waiting for? SHODAN isn’t an AI you want to keep waiting, hacker…

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