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3D gaming

Microsoft Patent Reveals A Gaming Holodeck, Sort Of

Jonathan Lester
3D gaming, Kinect, Microsoft, Next-gen, Patent

Microsoft Patent Reveals A Gaming Holodeck, Sort Of

Microsoft has filed a patent for a 360 degree interactive display that projects entire game worlds across the walls of your lounge. Integrated 3D Glasses would allow users to see three-dimensional 'holograms' within the room itself and interact with them in-game, thanks to Kinect 2.0's depth-sensing tech.

This might sound like Star Trek: The Next Generation rather than the next console generation (groan), but we've got the details after the break.

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The Best of 3D at The Gadget Show Live

Brendan Griffiths
3D gaming, Crysis 2, Gadget Show Live 2011, Killzone 3, LG, LW450U, LW550T, LW650T, Nvidea, Panasonic, Razor, Sony
Crysis 2 | Killzone 3

As an avid gamer and film fan, I desperately want to enjoy 3D, but so far it's been a massive letdown. So where better to try and boost my enthusiasm, than a huge arena packed with the latest TV sets and 3D games? Gadget Show Live, time to wow me.


First of all I head on over to the games area and get stuck into a bit of Killzone 3 on a Sony Bravia. When I played an early demo of the game last August I wasn't impressed with the 3D at all. Six months later though and the game has rocketed past my expectations.

The most impressive scene I witnessed was the early level where you're inside a mech-walker, scouting out a route through the broken Helghan Capital. The depth of the mech's cockpit was incredible, it really added to the feeling of scope and made me realise how big the mech actually was. Bullets fired directly at you seem to be more realistic too thanks to the extra layer of depth they travel through. Errant bullets to your left and right lose the effect a little though.

Considering the PS3 has to create duplicate images to create 3D, I couldn't fault the framerate or the crispness of the graphics. The picture didn't seem to be darker either which is usually a problem with most 3D images thanks to the tinted lenses. In short, brilliant.

Click here to read about more 3D tech at the show. It gets even better.