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3DS launch prices

Nintendo 3DS Best Price Roundup

Matt Gardner
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Nintendo 3DS

Find the best price for the 3DS here!

That's right, people, the 3DS is out, dizzy children are falling over in the streets after ten minutes of Pilotwings and Nintendo's star is seemingly once again in the ascendancy. Jon's tackled the launch line up already, but you might be wondering where to go to get your hardware fix the cheapest. Well here's a little roundup of some of the best prices for the 3DS so far...

Best Price 3DS: Core Console

Price Minister/Gzoop: £174.99 (when you use 3DS40 code)

If you didn't manage to get down to Tesco (who were running this offer instore last night if you purchased a game too) this is a good place to start. Don't worry if you don't see the promo code box initially, you have to sign in first and jump through 1 or 2 screens. I can't personally vouch for Price Minister or Gzoop as I've never used them before

Also worthy of note...

Amazon: £187

Straightforward and simple, could be a way forward if you're a regular Amazonian and you want to bide your time a bit when it comes to game choice. That said, Tesco's weekend offer below is extremely inviting.

Check out the best bundle prices after the jump...

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's 3DS console is set to hit British stores on the 25th... but you'll need something to play on it. To this end, we've collated a list of the launch titles along with constantly-updating feeds on the cheapest places to buy them. Here we go!

Pilotwings Resort


Pilotwings is a classic Ninty franchise that we're delighted to see return. Set in the airspace over Wuhu island, players will use a number of flying machines planes and even a flyingsquirrel-style wingsuit to take to the skies. Considering it's one of the few major first party launch titles, this is probably going to be a 3DS mainstay.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D

ssfiv 3d It's Street Fighter IV. In 3D. With new awesome streetpass mechanics that will allow you to challenge complete strangers you happen to walk past. This is going to be huge.

Ridge Racer 3D

ridge racer 3d

It's Riiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaacer! This 3DS launch title is set to bring the addictive drift-heavy mechanics of one of gaming's most enduring racing franchises into the third dimension, and visually looks very neat despite the extra processing power required for stereoscopic 3D.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

shadow wars Ubisoft haven't been marketing this one anywhere near as much as they should. Imagine Advance Wars, but with elite customisable Ghost soldiers, cutting-edge gear and loads of pyrotechnics. Tilting perspectives should make this one stand out from the crowd.

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