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Public Service Announcement: Change Is Afoot And You're All Invited!

Matt Gardner
Admin, Dealspwn, Site revamp, Spring Cleaning

That's right, we're ringing the changes this summer, and we want everybody to get stuck in. You'll notice a few differences to the site over the coming week or so, although if you're familiar with our sister site Mobot you'll be right at home. Essentially, in order to bring about a little community spirit, we're bringing user login to the site - allowing you to use your HUKD or Mobot profile here on Dealspwn or just create one anew, pimp out your avatar and start ruling the comments section with witty banter, passionate debate and cool little pics.

On top of that, Discussions will be coming to Dealspwn too. Whether you're stuck on a boss battle with Link or are struggling to find feathers with Ezio or want some tactical tips from the community for your Yeovil Town team in FM 2011, there's bound to be someone who can help you out. But it's not just for that...got a query about release dates or multiplayer features? Fancy kicking off a BioWare vs Bethesda debate? Want to find out who would win if you stuffed all of the most annoying characters from the Final Fantasy series in a pit with a giant bear and a king cobra? We'll be leaping into the fray too to help answer questions and help spark some debate. It'll be just like being down the pub, but with less beer (unless you were smart and brought your own) and no darts board.

There are a few bits we're still tweaking, still a couple of loose ends to tie up and links to stuff into the right places, so bear with us if you encounter some teething issues in the next few days. If you do come across some glitches or rough patches, do let us know at [email protected] and we'll summon up some winged monkeys to fix it.

In the meantime, have a little look around - we'll still be bringing you hot deals and gaming news, in depth reviews and previews, and lots of witty comment...