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From Killzone Controls to 3D's Ten Year Push - News Roundup 18th July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Killzone 3 to Have More Accurate, Responsive Controls


Killzone 2 was an excellent and thoroughly solid slice of FPS action, but there's a niggling little fly in the ointment. When asked what they'd improve about the game experience, a huge number of gamers simply say "the controls"... and Guerrilla have been listening.

Killzone 2's controls have consistently come under fire for being clunky and unresponsive (though they possess a fairly satisfying weighty feel), but Guerilla are apparently on the case. Mathijs de Jonge states that they'll be "going back to the drawing board and tweaking the “input lag, acceleration and dead zone, and how each affected the overall gameplay”.

“We’ve recalibrated the dead zone to be more responsive and significantly reduced the input lag, resulting in far better accuracy. Best of all, we’ve managed to retain that sense of weight that set Killzone 2 apart from other shooters. I can’t wait for people to try it out.”

So there. Hopefully Guerrilla can get back to briefing us about jetpacks, gunslinging and new enemies/environments now that's sorted out! [Guerrilla]

Sony 3D: Five Year Fad (Says Pachter), 720P Limit


Time to set the scene. Rumours to this effect have been floating around for a while, but official Sony developer guidelines released this week have limited 3D games to 720P resolution. Whilst the PS3 is doubtlessly capable of producing a three dimensional effect in higher resolutions, this cap has been instigated in order to ensure a solid 60FPS frame rate across the board.

This is all well and good- after all, 3D does require extra processing power- but even games that run in native 1080p resolution (such as Super Stardust HD) will be downgraded by these new measures. We're informed that even trained graphic artists can't tell the difference, mind.

Now, because I've finally set the scene... and because it's a slow news Sunday... it's time to hear from our favourite Q-list celebrity wannabe and stater of the bleeding obvious respected industry analyst Michael Pachter. Speaking in his Pach Attack show on GT, he's spoken out to slam Sony's push towards three dimensional gaming as a five year fad that will take around a decade to enter the mainstream. The main offender? You guessed it, the glasses.

“While the audience for 3D television is small, then for the next five years at least, 3D gaming is, and will remain, a fad.

“Maybe in ten years it will start to take off.”


Using usual Pachter logic, we can expect a 3D telly in every home by Christmas then. Discuss. [Pach Attack]

Aion Re-Release Set For September


NCSoft are set to re-release Aion, their fantasy MMORPG set in a stunningly beautiful and ridiculously grindy "celestial world". The new retail box set will include the original game and the upcoming expansion pack entitled Assault on Balaurea and is dated for September 10th. The add-on will also be individually available for free digital download on September 7th.

Can't remember what Aion's all about? Never heard of it? Why not have a gander at the trailer for the expansion pack below. [VG247]

Direct2Drive: Spring Sale Week 4 [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Mass Effect


We're into the final week of Direct2Drive's spring fiesta of sales, with another barrage of choice games and a discount downloadable rate. It must be said, I rather think that the sales peaked around week 2 but, whilst there's nothing here to maybe rival snapping up GTA IV for under a fiver, there are a couple of sparkling price drops that may well interest the discerning gamer.

Click here to head on over to Direct2Drive now and check out all of their current deals.

As with the previous three weeks, there are another 11 featured deals, which we've listed below; be sure to hit the link above, though, to have a look at all of the sub-£10 offers they've got going on.

In all honesty, this list is not quite as impressive as Direct2Drive might like to believe. Mass Effect, for example, can be bought as a double separately for under this price (considering that you can nab ME2 for £12.99 elsewhere). The Saboteur's price is the cheapest around at the moment, but only by about 3p. No, the real bargains here come at the bottom end, and Sid Meier's fans will have a bit of a field day. Civilization 4 and Pirates! are two absolutely cracking games, and you won't find them cheaper anywhere else for a couple of quid.